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Meet the Team

David spent over 10 years dental assisting before graduating from The University of Sydney in 2016. The idea of Dental Head Start was born from the hopes of  sharing the lessons he’s been lucky to learn along the way and helping others gain a head start too.

Having spent many summer breaks in the Mid North coast, and even marrying his beautiful wife there, David is proud to now call Port Macquarie home. When he’s not busy with one of his endless side projects (which is a rare!), you’ll find David adventuring the great outdoors. But even at home, David has his cheeky toddler and two mini dachshunds who always keep him on his toes!

Dr David Keir

DHS Founder & Co-Host

Born and raised in the humble ‘burbs of Melbourne, Erica is currently a third year dental student at The University of Sydney. She takes care of the social media and graphics, and is the nagging mum that’s constantly chasing everyone around. 

Outside of student clinics, you’ll find her elbows deep in her crafts, hunting for new desserts with friends or marathoning yet another gruesome TV show.

Be sure to say ‘Hi!’ to her on the DHS Instagram or Facebook pages – we promise she won’t bite. (If she does, we’ll be sure to make her some sort of splint!)

Erica Hwin

Social Media Coordinator & Co-Host

Cigdem is a general dentist with an annoyingly difficult Turkish name (pronounced Chi-dem). 
Graduating in 2009 from Griffith University, she was known as ‘The Girl Who Asked a Lot Of Questions’, which definitely wouldn’t be the title of a best-seller. But now she’s the co-host of WIWIK, where she uses her curiosity to ask the questions we all want to know.

A proper dental nerd, Cigdem spends most of her time immersed in the industry. She lectures in various topics, runs a large Sydney practice and is the co-founder of Principle Cloud Practice Management Software and Level Up Systems and Training Software. Despite all this, her golden retriever Poppy is still more well known than her!

Dr Cigdem Kipel

WIWIK Podcast Co-Host

Graeme was born and raised in the cold land of Ottawa, Canada and is continuing to defrost as he finishes his final year of dental school at The University of Sydney. He manages the editing for feature podcasts and works to ensure the audience has a great listening experience.

Outside of school, you’ll find Graeme busy playing soccer, rock climbing, and going for hikes. With the abundance of great restaurants in Sydney, you’ll find him tagging along with his foodie friends who know all the best spots in town.

Graeme Pearson

Editor & Co-Host

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