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7 Dentistry Metaphors for Patient Communication
7 Dentistry Metaphors for Patient Communication
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You can't google the path to dental success, but you can learn from those already there! Interviews with great dentists to get the story behind their struggles, successes and advice.
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Mentoring is crucial yet hard to find. Dental head start has been created to help dental students transition into and out of university and launch them into a successful career. Dental Head Start is a bank of resources aimed at early career dental professionals and staff to help them improve their dentistry, lower their stress and increase the enjoyment of providing excellent dental care.

Our Latest Tips

#30 – Brett Churnin’s Lessons From Decades of Coaching Dentists

All of the top level athletes have coaches. Many have multiple. But when it comes to our careers, our business and our lives we tend to take it all on ourselves without asking for the help we need. If we really think about this, it doesn't make sense. And talking with Brett Churnin really hits home for me in this episode. Brett has been coaching dentists with Prime Practice for over 17 years. His passion and effectiveness in what he does really shows through in this discussion. We even get into the weeds with something I've been wanting to change for a while, incidentally highlighting the accountability factor a good coach can provide.

3 Must Do’s To Get The Most Out Of Your CPD

Dental continuing education is critical. We graduate with just an entry ticket to the game. So the courses we take, and how we approach these courses make a huge difference to the trajectory of our career.  Add to this, the earlier you learn, optimise or perfect a skill, the more impact this will have on your career. Just like compounding interest, adding implants to your procedural repertoire or perfecting your communication technique now will have exponential impact on your career over the years to come. Yet, CPD is expensive! And perhaps the most costly part is the opportunity costs of being away from work. Add in the travel, accommodation and being away from your family, this really is a big investment. So if you’re going to invest in expanding your knowledge with continuing education, then you better get your money's worth.

#29 – Dr Dan Maryanovsky Wants to Change Dental CPD

CPD is exciting and motivating. Yet often we leave on a high and find ourselves a few days later doing the same dentistry having gained little for the thousands spent. Dan is on a mission to make dentistry CPD more accessible and supportive for young dentists. And with a mission like that, he is certainly a friend of the Dental Head Start Podcast! And as a graduate he is producing some fantastic dentistry. Check his work and tips out @dentist.dan on Instagram.