You’re running late, your patient has a superficial spreading infection and you’re blanking on the medication and protocol to use. 

Don’t let this situation send you into a spin.

James created this list of the most common prescriptions he writes in clinical practice. Having this at hand is a huge help and will save you plenty of time.

However, what if you need to know the dose rate of an antibiotic for a 30kg child? Or the protocol for ANUG?

Dental Prescriber App

I’ve found this app to be a huge help. I often still refer to it and double check – Prescriptions need to be right and it doesn’t hurt to confirm.

Every medication a dentist would use is covered in this app. From antibiotics to analgesic Max doses. You can quickly refer to any medication and bring up the prescription regime.

Even on student wages you can spare a few bucks to have a pharmacist in your pocket, I certainly found it worth it. 

Dental Head Start makes no money from this recommendation, it is genuinely because i’ve found this helpful in my transition to private practice. Hopefully it helps yours too.

The Android app can be found here

The Itunes app is here

So, how much Articaine can you use on your 50Kg elderly patient?

David is a recent graduate dentist working in private practice in regional NSW, Australia. Read more at

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