Pain is the bodies way of telling us to stop doing something. We learn early on touching fire hurts so we don’t do it any longer. Occupational musculoskeletal pain on the other hand is something we tend to take for granted, something we live with and ignore.

You cannot ignore it forever. For many dentists, musculoskeletal pain is what encourages them to change career or retire early. But what if we can change this. Stop the pain and prevent the damage allowing a long prosperous career or perhaps a more efficient one leading you to your goals quicker.

Dr Anikó Ball has been working on the answer. And this was through necessity – she spent decades with debilitating pain and was pronouced a hopeless case.

To combat this, Anikó found posture, ergonomics and studied this through the Alexander Technique. Further studying to apply this to dentistry and help other dentists get through the struggles she endured.

I sat down for a wide ranging discussion on posture, ergonomics and stress reduction for both you and your patients. In this chat we cover:

  • Why Anikó is so passionate about ergonomics and posture
  • The Alexander Technique
  • Understanding out joints and how we should move
  • The concerning trend for musculoskeletal issues in young dentists
  • Advice for changing your mindset to help manage the difficult patient
  • Listening techniques
  • A framwork around discussion periodontal therapy
  • Calming techniques you can use tomorrow
  • The ‘smoke alarm’ technique to identifying stress in your own body.


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David is a recent graduate dentist working in private practice in regional NSW, Australia. Read more at

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