30% of dentists are going to work with moderate to high levels of exhaustion.

Stress, Strain &Burnout among NSW & ACT Dentists: April 2014: Dr Robyn Johns, University of Technology, Sydney and Dr Denise Jepsen, Macquarie University

Did you realise a third of your dental friends were struggling? This issue is real and very important. In the end we work to live, we don’t live to work at the expense of our happiness, our relationships and our future.

This episode we have the pleasure of talking about burnout, stress and what we can do about it with Dr Annalene Weston. Annalene is a dento-legal advisor with DPL, a dentist and a leading speaker on burnout and stress in the dental profession.

Recently, Annalene and the DPL team did a national tour speaking on Burnout with sold out audiences. This shows the profession is resonating with the content, benefiting from it and wanting to get on top of this difficult yet common situation.

Talking about this topic is one of the first steps out of it and I’m genuinely grateful to be able to facilitate and be a part of this conversation. Annalene is a humble, genuine and extremely knowledgeable member of the dental community. Enjoy this podcast and reach out to friends or colleagues if this resonates. And don’t forget to look out for your colleagues too, you probably see the signs before them!

In this chat we cover:

  • Annalenes personal experience with burnout. 
  • How she dealt with burnout
  • What led to the Masters of Health Law
  • Follow your own journey
  • What it’s like to be a Dento-legal Advisor
  • Moral distress
  • The impact of social media 
  • Burnout; what it is and what causes it.
  • Loading – how all the stresses add up
  • The type of person who ends up burnt out
  • How to avoid burnout
  • Breathing as a technique to manage acute stress
  • The conversation required for consent

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