Tip #143 – Protecting our career through posture with Stephanie Botts

I bring to you in this episode a great chat I had with Stephanie Botts. For those unlucky ones that have yet to come across her online, Stephanie is a registered dental hygienist and specialist in office ergonomics sharing some really important advice around our posture and wellbeing as dental professionals. Based in Denver, Colorado, Stephanie has gained over 40 thousand followers on social media and continues to spread her message via virtual assessments and her new podcast Straight up with Steph. We spoke about how dental school is an effective time to start establishing good posture habits to make a huge impact in preventing pain and avoiding long-term health issues. She shared so many good bite sized tips that are easily digestible to start implementing today and emphasises its never too late. Stephanie says “this is the only body we’ve got” so I hope this episode helps you on your way to protecting your career through posture.    

TIP #142 [RE-RUN] – Dreaming big for life after graduation with Dr Kaejenn Tchia

This series of re-run episodes is a curated selection of interviews to help listeners cut through the noise of social media and start finding their support network of dentists who are actively sharing their expertise and life online. These interviews reveal more about the real person behind the Instagram profile – I hope that it opens doors to a network of potential mentors and starts what may be a guiding and inspiring relationship beyond graduation. 

In this episode, I am throwing back to the very insightful chat between Dr Erica Hwin and @thelimitlessdentist , Dr. Kaejenn Tchia about how to stay motivated and find fulfillment in your dental career. Dr. Tchia shares tips for maintaining good mental health as a student and advice for envisioning the type of dentist you want to become in the future. He emphasizes dreaming big and learning from other dentists as ways to prevent feeling lost after graduation. I follow The Limitless Dentist on Instagram and somehow Kaejenn’s words of wisdom and guidance always appear when I need them the most. Enjoy this rerun and make sure to follow The Limitless Dentist online.

OHT Pathways Focus #2 – Working in Prosthodontics with Amelia Musulin

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FEATURE #93 – Dreaming big: A journey from dentist to entrepreneur with Dr Namita Gupta

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TIP #139 – The strongest bond in dentistry: Dental assistant and Dentist with Rochelle Fisher

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OHT Pathways Focus #1 – Working in Orthodontics with Mirna Yousif

In this episode, I chat with Mirna Yousif, an OHT who worked in supportive roles in the dental practice before graduating. She talks about how being exposed to different procedures and dentists gave her the confidence to continue her journey into working alongside Orthodontists and how OHTs can support dentists who are caring for orthodontic patients. 

TIP #137 – OHT Student Spotlight with Kaitlyn White: Thriving and Surviving Uni

Wow, we are well within the first semester this year and whatever part of our dental school journey we might be at, I think it would be pretty safe to say it’s only going to get harder before it gets easier at this stage. My guest in today’s episode is someone who has amassed over 1500 followers on social media by sharing her life as an OHT student and you can tell she’s a devoted one as she manages to share her oral health knowledge in such a way that would make the most anxious patient passionate about their smile. We caught up since wrapping up uni last year and talk about what we’re doing to thrive and survive another challenging year of school.

FEATURE #91 – Empowering Women and Everything in Between with Dr Tiffany Chen

David and Tiffany sit down and uncover their similar experiences in their journeys to becoming the dentists they are today. Tiffany grew up in Taiwan and moved from New Zealand to pursue dental school in Australia and took a liking to the relaxed atmosphere that regional life gave just after graduating. After working for a few years, she took off on a hiking adventure in Nepal then learnt spanish while travelling Central and South America. Like David, she shares the incredible experience and growth that travelling has given her and urges listeners to not expect such opportunities to land in your lap.

Tiffany is about to finish her Perio postgraduate and talks about how she coped with the demands of clinicals and school all while becoming a new mother. Incredible huh? As if that wasn’t enough, Tiffany has recently created The Cusp Collective, a conference with a goal to inspire and empower women, reignite their curiosity and desire to learn, and create a community where women can openly discuss challenges and successes without judgement. Their very first event is coming in May 2024 and will be held in the Gold Coast; we are very excited about it all to say the least!

TIP #136 – Seeing Your First Patient with Dr Nicole Contemplacion & Laura Righetto (OHT)

Welcome to What I Wish I Knew by Dental Head Start. This is a podcast where we learn from people that have been there, made the mistakes, learnt the lessons and have developed into the accomplished dental professionals they are today.

It’s your weekly mentoring session.

Hosted by Christina Potestas 

I wanted to dedicate this episode to all my peers and of course all dental students who will be reaching what I believe to be one of the biggest milestones of dental school and that is seeing your very first patient. In first year, It was something I always thought about, although an exciting thought it didn’t come without doubt in myself.

I sat down with 2 very special people who I actually went to High school with, and who are now established dental clinicians practicing privately in Sydney. I remember them being such great, friendly personalities during highschool that I feel comfortable to turn to these two to ease my nerves of seeing my first patient and am delighted to share the chat we had with you all. 

You listening may be a 2nd year ready to see your very first patient, or maybe you’re someone who knows someone who is about to endeavour on this part of their journey, Or you may just be curious about what these 2 have to say. Whoever you are, I hope you enjoy listening to the chat just as much as I did having it.