#54 – [Re-Run] Dr David McIntosh

Imagine walking into your child’s room to find a stranger choking your child. Fear, panic and an immediate response would be instant, of course with a heroic end and a safe child. However, it is common to let our children snore, effectively choking, each night without investigation or treatment.

As dentists we are the gateway to the mouth. We see our patients regularly, we monitor their development and we should know the signs of sleep disordered breathing. And when we do, we can make a change in our patients lives.

This episode we have the absolute pleasure of speaking with Dr David McIntosh. David is a paediatric ENT with a special interest in airway, snoring and sleep apnoea. David is a published author on this topic with an excellent book called Snored to Death – I recommend everyone reads this. David runs multiple facebook pages in an attempt to educate and change the old ways of letting our children struggle to breath at night.

TIP#32: Discussing Price with Dr Tiv Nirmalann

Most of us spend our University career providing care for free.

Then, almost over night, we’re throwing into private practice and our work has a dollar value.
How do we convey the value effectively and confidently? This is a crucial topic and one that is worth spending some time focusing on. Its a bedrock of communication.

Dr Tiv shares his views on discussing price and his own challenges early on.

Check out Dr Tiv’s coaching and mentoring page DrTiv.com to find out more about how Dr Tiv is trying to help young dentists.

Best of 2020 and 2021 plans

2020 was a crazy one to remember. For too many reasons to count.
For DHS, it was a huge year of listens. Over 66,000 listens from our audience, we launched a new podcast and made some long lasting industry partnerships.
We cannot thank you all enough for listening and supporting the podcast and we’re stoked to provide more great content in 2021.
In this podcast we summarise the best of 2020 and talk about some of the inititives we’re excited to launch in 2021 including reintroducing DHS Giving and introducing a new co-host!

#50 – Dr Jesse Green on Leadership, Retention and Building a Life you Love.

Finding a mentor is such commonly shared advice that it’s almost cliché. Yet, without a doubt it is a crucial part to your development.

When I think about the mentors in my life, not all of them were two way relationships, some we’re people I listened to and absorbed wisdom from over many years.

Dr Jesse Green falls squarely into this type of mentor for me. Through the Savvy Dentist Podcast, his blogs, books and courses I have learnt an immense amount about business, communication and practice ownership. I’ve been fortunate enough to form a real relationship with Dr Jesse Green while managing and creating www.cpdjunkie.com.au and the learning hasn’t stopped.

This has been one of my favourite episodes and without doubt you will get pearls of wisdom from it. A fitting way to see out 2020.

TIP#31: Why Restoration Removal is Crucial in Endodontics with Dr Pat Caldwell

We’ve all had situations where we simply didn’t have the time to remove the entire restoration or we simply assumed the filling and thus tooth underneath was sound for endodontics. But is this really the best way to proceed?

We learn Dr Pat Caldwell’s experience in with this and how it really is a crucial step to your endodontic workflow. Pat goes through his workflow and really lays out the best way to start your endodontics out the right way.

TIP#30: What your Boss thinks With Dr Tiv Nirmalann

My boss would always do things that made me question his sanity, but now as a boss myself, I understand why he did what he did.
-Dr Tiv Nirmalann

It is easy to forget that we have a job and a lifestyle because dentistry is as a business is viable.

As a young graduate it is easy to forget this and become frustrated and sometimes demoralised with the way the practice is run and with certain decisions the boss makes.

You mean we cant have a Primescan week 1 after graduation?!

This is a timely tip given by a business owner himself. As many graduate around Australia and look for their very first job as a dentist, the advice given here on how to understand the boss but also excel in that position is crucial

Check out Dr Tiv’s coaching and mentoring page DrTiv.com to find out more about how Dr Tiv is trying to help young dentists.

TIP#29: Maintaining Focus During Long Appointments with Dr Michael Frazis

You could say early stage dentists are used to long apointments. After all, we started with 3hr marathons at university.

But a 3+ hr appointment in private practice doing difficult dentistry on often anxious patients is a whole new ball game. The focus and risk of letting standards slip is high and this is no easy task.

Dr Michael Frazis shares a recent case and some tips to maintain your focus and achieve high level outcomes in long appointments. It can be as much about what you don’t do, as what you do..

#48 – A/Prof Max Guazzato – Prosthodontics, Oral Surgery and Education

Your path to now has shaped who you are and the lens through which you see dentistry and the world. From working with his mother in Milan, becoming a dental technician, Dentistry, oral surgery, a PHD and now Prosthodontics. It is safe to say A/Prof Max Guazzato has had a path and a perspective few could claim to hold.

I was lucky enough to have a few lectures and practical sessions with A/Prof Guazzato and I can say his journey and passion inspired me and left a lasting influence on my fascination with morphology, colour and attention to detail. Even though the wax up I produced was not something I hope he remembers!

Enjoy this inspiring story and thoughtful advice – find more from A/Prof Max Guazzato at Highlands Professional Development and if you’re that way inclined – the post graduate Pros program at Sydney University.

TIP#28: Bruxism with Dr Damian Teo

We see it all the time. Worn teeth, cracked teeth, muscular pain or worse. Some of us, me certainly included, do it ourselves and there’s nothing we can do about it. Of course, we’re talking about bruxism.

Through this fascinating interview with Dr Damian Teo we get a perspective shift on how to look at and manage our bruxism patients. While the cause can be elusive, the concepts around how we look at it and why are crucial to helping our patients especially those who suffer pain and a broken dentition as a result.

We’re creating a three part series of episodes with Dr Damian Teo: