TIP #141 – A Pep Talk for Dental Students in Exams… with Dr Ben Lee Part 2

In Part 2 of our series with Dr Ben Lee, he gives us an epic pep talk for our time at dental school. Dr Ben unpacks the real reason he decided to specialise in prosthodontics and reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously while studying. Feeling over exams and time for a study break? Have a listen to this ep and get your motivation back!

TIP #140 – Crowns for Beginners with Dr Ben Lee Part 1

In this episode, I chat with Dr Ben Lee a prosthodontist in Sydney where we go through crowns for beginners (like me!). Dr Ben answers all my questions like: how do you talk to a patient about getting a crown? How do you suss out the vibes of your patients before starting treatment? Dr Ben gives us a birds eye view of all things prosthodontics and if you’re just starting out in your dental journey – this one’s for you!

TIP #138 [RE-RUN] – Standing Your Ground with Dr Amanda Phoon Nguyen

All it takes is one conversation to start a movement or inspire a change. 

In this episode, we wind down with Dr Amanda Phoon Nguyen and take a deep dive into aspects of our lives beyond just clinical dentistry. I think Dr Amanda is such a wonderful role model for younger dentists in terms of living to your greatest potential, chasing your passions and not worrying so much about what other people think.

We talk about all things from work-life balance (and does that even exist), managing self-doubt and imposter syndrome and standing your ground and knowing when to say no. We also discuss Dr Amanda’s role as current President for the Western Australia Women in Dentistry committee, what it means to her and their vision for the future.

So grab yourselves a cup of tea and wind down with us for this heart to heart chat.

FEATURE #92 – POV: You’re a Dental Student in 2024 with Nathan Lau, Emily Lee, Jack Awad and Ashton Foo

In this episode, we get a glimpse into the world of dental school and dental students in 2024. Join Nathan from Griffith Uni, Emily from UQ, Jack from USYD and Ashton from UWA as they share what a day in the life is like at their uni’s and give valuable advice for younger students. From the parties and fun to the grind and stresses of clinic, we unpack it all!

If you’re a current dental student, we hope you can relate and find some encouragement from our conversation today. And if you’ve already graduated we hope this gives you a bit of a POV on what the next generation of dentists are up to.

TIP #135 – Endodontic Radiography: How to catch that apex! with A/Prof William Ha

In dental school, taking PAs in endodontics has been incredibly fiddly. It really puts patients through the ringer trying to catch that apex when you missed it the first time. How should we be taking PAs, how many should we be taking, can I just use my apex locator instead? These are questions we’ve been dying to have a clear answer for, and if you’ve thought the same thing this episode is for you. Joining us again is Endodontist Associate Professor Ha to help give a resolution to this.

Mental Wellbeing Focus #5 – Mental Resilience in Dentistry  with Dr Kyle Stanley

In today’s episode I discuss the importance of mental resilience in Dentistry with Dr Kyle Stanley. We also delve into some of the factors at play that make dentists and dental professionals more likely to suffer from burnout and mental health challenges, as well as some solutions and communities you can join to feel more supported and thrive in your career. 

TIP #134 – Empowering & Educating Parents on Breathing & Growth with Dr Shereen Lim

It’s common practice nowadays to encourage parents to bring their children in early to familiarise themselves with the dental appointment. But beyond chair rides, gloved animals and triplex tickles, what else can we do to help empower parents during these appointments? 

This is Part 3 of our series with Dr Shereen Lim on Sleep Disordered Breathing and Airway Health in young children. If you haven’t already be sure to check out Part 1 (TIP #125 – Childhood Bruxism: A Case Study) and Part 2 (TIP #128 – Teeth, Tongues & Tonsils)

In this episode, we talk about the different stages of growth in children and the things we can help educate parents on to look out for including feeding, thumb sucking and dummy use.

TIP #133 – Mythbusting in Rotary with A/Prof William Ha

A lot of dental students that are about to graduate haven’t gotten much experience with rotary endodontics. With us here to bust many myths regarding rotary is Associate Professor Ha of the University of Sydney, a specialist endodontist and co-founder of the extremely helpful endo-prep app. If you’re looking for clarification on what a ‘hybrid system’ actually means and tips for rookies to avoid in using rotary than this is the episode for you.

Mental Wellbeing Focus #4 – Identity & Self Worth in Dentistry with Dr Viet Le and Dr Chiraag Devani

In today’s episode I chat with Dr Viet Le and Dr Chiraag Devani on an important mental health topic of Identity and Self Worth in Dentistry. Learn the importance of how your self worth correlates to your clinical confidence in your dental career and the MASK framework can help you better show up more authentically as a dentist you truly wish to be. We also vulnerably share some of our own challenges in our careers thus far to help normalise the struggles you may encounter in your career and how to navigate them.