Welcome to What I Wish I Knew by Dental Head Start. This is a podcast where we learn from people that have been there, made the mistakes, learnt the lessons and have developed into the accomplished dental professionals they are today.

It’s your weekly mentoring session.

Hosted by Graeme & Erica

Hold your horses! We have some new kids on the block!

Things are changing here at Dental Head Start, and we have some really exciting plans moving forwards into the future that we can’t wait to share. But before we can get to that…has anyone seen David?

In this episode, we’re taking things into our own hands and hijacking the show. Tune in to hear us share some of our visions for the show, and as we try to catch each other off guard with some silly get-to-know-us questions. It’s a fun and light-hearted chat and a little teaser for bigger things to come!

Graeme Pearson

Graeme was born and raised in the cold land of Ottawa, Canada and is continuing to defrost as he finishes his final year of dental school at The University of Sydney. He manages the editing for feature podcasts and works to ensure the audience has a great listening experience.

Outside of school, you’ll find Graeme busy playing soccer, rock climbing, and going for hikes. With the abundance of great restaurants in Sydney, you’ll find him tagging along with his foodie friends who know all the best spots in town.

Erica Hwin

Born and raised in the humble ‘burbs of Melbourne, Erica is currently a third year dental student at The University of Sydney. She takes care of the social media and graphics, and is the nagging mum that’s constantly chasing everyone around. 

Outside of student clinics, you’ll find her elbows deep in her crafts, hunting for new desserts with friends or marathoning yet another gruesome TV show.

Be sure to say ‘Hi!’ to her on the DHS Instagram or Facebook pages – we promise she won’t bite. (If she does, we’ll be sure to make her a splint of some sorts!)

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