Do Good While Doing Good

Dr Bruce Baird

Years ago, I can clearly remember hearing an American Dentist on Howard Farran’s Podcast ‘Dentistry Uncensored‘ talking about productivity. He was producing around $3000 per hour – $20-30,000 per day and I honestly thought it was mad. How could this be possible?

This episode, we have the pleasure of chatting with that man! Dr Bruce Baird, in partnership with Victoria Peterson, are the founders of The Productive Dentist Academy. They specialise in improving your productivity and in this chat, we find out a little about how they do this and the journey Bruce took to get there.

If you like what you’re hearing, check out their podcasts. Dr Bruce Baird hosts The Productive Dentist Podcast and Victoria Peterson, in combination with Dr Chad Johnson host Everyday Practices. Plenty more content to help you be productive.

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The Productive Dentist Academy team including Dr Bruce Baird and Victoria Peterson have been kindly brought over to Australia by Dr David O’Malley. Get 10% off the ticket price with the code ‘headstart’ when purchasing tickets and find out more about how you can increase your productivity and decrease your stress.

In this chat we cover:

  • What is important to be a productive dentist?
  • His issues with communicating with the engineer type of person
  • The importance of and type of education Bruce chose early on and why
  • Early years in the army
  • Being a boss and the importance of team and support staff
  • Mentors that helped him through and the man he still remembers from dental school
  • What increasing his productivity did to his day to day private practice
  • How Bruce approaches scheduling to help
  • Mistakes Bruce made early on
  • Advice to young dentists 
  • The importance of communication and how it helps your life and career

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