5 Steps to Calming The Anxious Patient

Dental anxiety is extremely common.

And the reasons for this are often valid. Treatment techniques and mindset have changed drastically over the last 50 years and fortunately in today’s world, it is less.

I, and I trust most of you, put in a special effort for every single anxious patient. Especially children where this anxiety is often precipitated.

In my short few years I’ve come to recognise 5 key techniques that help anxious patients through this difficult time.

This is just one little piece of what i’ll be sharing this Thursday in the 4Sight Dental Graduate Webinar. With Dr Jesse Green and Dr Omid Azami as well, this will give you a Dental Head Start!

#20 – Dr Colm Harney on communication, conflict resolution and Empathy

Communication is key. I say it all the time. And this episode our guest lives and breaths it. This is a must listen for communication, dispute resolution and for all associates, which is most of you!

Dr Colm Harney is a general dentist practicing in Perth. He has gone on to complete multiple post graduate courses in communication and interpersonal skills and now finds himself in a unique position to be able to pass on these skills and information to dentists around the country, and world!

He does this through speaking and, most relevantly, in his fantastic podcast The Communicating Health Podcast. Colm uses this podcast as a platform to discuss communication with experienced clinicians in the health field.

This episode
Colm was kind enough to invite me to his place in Perth, where I popped my live
recording cherry. The conversation is packed with communication tips and
relevant advice from his experience.

#18 – Dr Phillip Palmer on Business, Communication and Prime Practice

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Prime Head Start!

Dental Head Start is proud to announce its official partnership with Australian dental business Consultancy, Prime Practice, in kicking off a brand-new segment on the podcast called “Prime Head Start”.

Together with the subject matter experts and trainers at Prime Practice, Prime Head Start is a three to five minute segment that will deliver ‘bite-sized’ anecdotes to its listeners on a wide array of topics that all dental professionals should be aware of – key critical soft skills that were never really focused on in dental schools.

#15 Dr Anikó Ball on Posture and Wellness

Pain is the bodies way of telling us to stop doing something. We learn early on touching fire hurts so we don’t do it any longer. Occupational musculoskeletal pain on the other hand is something we tend to take for granted, something we live with and ignore.

You cannot ignore it forever. For many dentists, musculoskeletal pain is what encourages them to change career or retire early. But what if we can change this. Stop the pain and prevent the damage allowing a long prosperous career or perhaps a more efficent one leading you to your goals quicker.

You Don’t Need Everyone to Love You

In school and university we fall into groups. Social groups, where the majority of people have similar personalities, values and interests.

And then there are a few people who you just don’t get along with. You’re friendly and civilised but you don’t hang out in your free time. This is natural, mutual and okay.

Yet we go into clinical practice and feel the weight of impressing every patient on our shoulders. We can have a fantastic day full of wonderful patients and then have one who we just don’t gel with ruin it.

#7 – Paediatric Communication With Dr Jamie Workman [Part 2]

Ever treat kids? Then hearing Jamie’s advice is a absolute must. 

While Podcast #6 – Jamie Workman Part 1 was all about being an associate and advice for those who do not own the practice, part 2 is about communication – a critical part of every dentists role.

I’ve mentioned it before, treating kids is a love/hate relationship for me. I enjoy it but you can do 10 things right and have 1 small detail be the difference between a successful appointment and a failed attempt.

Jamie significantly helped me by….

#1 – Communication with Dr Mark Hassed

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