TIP #135 – Endodontic Radiography: How to catch that apex! with A/Prof William Ha

In dental school, taking PAs in endodontics has been incredibly fiddly. It really puts patients through the ringer trying to catch that apex when you missed it the first time. How should we be taking PAs, how many should we be taking, can I just use my apex locator instead? These are questions we’ve been dying to have a clear answer for, and if you’ve thought the same thing this episode is for you. Joining us again is Endodontist Associate Professor Ha to help give a resolution to this.

TIP #133 – Mythbusting in Rotary with A/Prof William Ha

A lot of dental students that are about to graduate haven’t gotten much experience with rotary endodontics. With us here to bust many myths regarding rotary is Associate Professor Ha of the University of Sydney, a specialist endodontist and co-founder of the extremely helpful endo-prep app. If you’re looking for clarification on what a ‘hybrid system’ actually means and tips for rookies to avoid in using rotary than this is the episode for you.

FEATURE #73 – Marathoning Dentistry, Endodontic Training & PhDs with Dr Aovana Timmerman

If there’s one thing I took away from this episode with Dr Aovana Timmerman, it is that dentistry is a marathon not a sprint. It takes discipline, persistence and a consistent pace to maintain motivation and prevent burnout.

In this episode, we talk to Dr Aovana about what it is that drives her passion for continuous learning and growth in dentistry, and the parallels our profession has with physical activity. We reflect on her journey as a general dentist for 10 years, before undergoing endodontic specialist training, research and why she’s now chosen to undertake a PhD.

Dr Aovana is a fantastic role model and really instills confidence in young dentists that there is so much potential for us to do great things – we just have to chase it!

TIP #77 – Finding that Missing Canal with Dr Mehdi Rahimi

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing you’re missing something and not being able to find it, and in the world of Endodontics, it is no different when it comes to hunting down that elusive missing canal.

In this episode, Dr Mehdi Rahimi shares his tips, tricks and tools to locating these canals from rubber dam placement to the specific burs he uses and CBCT assessments.

TIP #73 – I Fractured a File – Now What? with Dr Mehdi Rahimi

Fractured instruments, perforations, hypochlorite accidents – you name it, it seems as though there are so many things that can ‘go wrong’ when we’re working on microscopic canals. It’s a daunting situation to be in, but it’s an inevitable part of practicing endodontics that happens to even the very best of dentists.

In this episode, Dr Mehdi Rahimi talks us through a mindset shift on how we should view these misadventures. In particular, we focus on fractured files and his top tips on the pre-emptive conversations we ought to have with patients, and how to go about managing them in case it does occur.

TIP #71 – Taming the Hot Pulp with Dr Mehdi Rahimi

Nobody likes to be in pain, and as dentists, we have patients walking through the door in pain everyday. And it’s our job to help them out. However, every so often, we encounter the Angry Hot Pulp, which just won’t settle no matter what we do to try anaesthetise it.

We are so fortunate to be have Dr Mehdi Rahimi – a specialist Endodontist, Adjunct Associate Professor and president of the Australian Society of Endodontology (NSW Branch) – join us over a three part series, to talk through all the common endo problems we might encounter and how to manage them. In this episode, he talks us through what exactly causes a hot pulp and the protocol he’s developed to manage it.

TIP #42: Instruments & Materials in Endodontics with Dr Pat Caldwell

How comfortable are you with Endo? Our ability to successfully and comfortably complete endodontics really evolves around our understand of our equipment and the techniques for using these instruments.

There are hundreds of files on the market. All with their own marketing of why they’re best. Dr Pat Caldwell comes on the WIWIK podcast to share a masterclass on these materials, their indications and use to help you complete your endodontics comfortably and predictably.

Dr Pat Caldwell also runs the Endospot Skills School, an online endodontics education company aimed at helping you treat more of your endodontics in house with less stress.

Join us as Pat walks us through a common situation when he is referred a calcified canal.

TIP#34: Importance of the Endo-Restorative Interface with Dr Pat Caldwell

Why bother completing a beautiful Endodontic therapy only to have the tooth fracture and fail weeks later?

How an endodontically treated tooth is restored is critical to its long term success and that starts from the first temporary.

Dr Pat Caldwell shares his views and advice on perhaps the most critical decisions made in endodontics.

TIP#31: Why Restoration Removal is Crucial in Endodontics with Dr Pat Caldwell

We’ve all had situations where we simply didn’t have the time to remove the entire restoration or we simply assumed the filling and thus tooth underneath was sound for endodontics. But is this really the best way to proceed?

We learn Dr Pat Caldwell’s experience in with this and how it really is a crucial step to your endodontic workflow. Pat goes through his workflow and really lays out the best way to start your endodontics out the right way.

TIP#23: CBCT in Endodontics with Dr Omar Ikram

TIP#23: CBCT in Endodontics with Dr Omar Ikram @specialistendocrowsnest

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is being used more and more in general dentistry, that 3D perspective is taking some of the guess work out of diagnosis. However, how many times have you been in that situation where you are looking for that MB2, or you’re not getting to where you think length should be, if only there was a way that we could see more of what is going on within the tooth? Well, what about using CBCT midway through our treatment? Dr Omar Ikram, opened my eyes to the appropriate uses of CBCT in Endodontics, for diagnosis of tricky cases, but also to give us that extra bit of information we need advance when we get stuck mid treatment