Tip #143 – Protecting our career through posture with Stephanie Botts

I bring to you in this episode a great chat I had with Stephanie Botts. For those unlucky ones that have yet to come across her online, Stephanie is a registered dental hygienist and specialist in office ergonomics sharing some really important advice around our posture and wellbeing as dental professionals. Based in Denver, Colorado, Stephanie has gained over 40 thousand followers on social media and continues to spread her message via virtual assessments and her new podcast Straight up with Steph. We spoke about how dental school is an effective time to start establishing good posture habits to make a huge impact in preventing pain and avoiding long-term health issues. She shared so many good bite sized tips that are easily digestible to start implementing today and emphasises its never too late. Stephanie says “this is the only body we’ve got” so I hope this episode helps you on your way to protecting your career through posture.