FEATURE #91 – Empowering Women and Everything in Between with Dr Tiffany Chen

David and Tiffany sit down and uncover their similar experiences in their journeys to becoming the dentists they are today. Tiffany grew up in Taiwan and moved from New Zealand to pursue dental school in Australia and took a liking to the relaxed atmosphere that regional life gave just after graduating. After working for a few years, she took off on a hiking adventure in Nepal then learnt spanish while travelling Central and South America. Like David, she shares the incredible experience and growth that travelling has given her and urges listeners to not expect such opportunities to land in your lap.

Tiffany is about to finish her Perio postgraduate and talks about how she coped with the demands of clinicals and school all while becoming a new mother. Incredible huh? As if that wasn’t enough, Tiffany has recently created The Cusp Collective, a conference with a goal to inspire and empower women, reignite their curiosity and desire to learn, and create a community where women can openly discuss challenges and successes without judgement. Their very first event is coming in May 2024 and will be held in the Gold Coast; we are very excited about it all to say the least!

Mental Wellbeing Focus #5 – Mental Resilience in Dentistry  with Dr Kyle Stanley

In today’s episode I discuss the importance of mental resilience in Dentistry with Dr Kyle Stanley. We also delve into some of the factors at play that make dentists and dental professionals more likely to suffer from burnout and mental health challenges, as well as some solutions and communities you can join to feel more supported and thrive in your career. 

Mental Wellbeing Focus #4 – Identity & Self Worth in Dentistry with Dr Viet Le and Dr Chiraag Devani

In today’s episode I chat with Dr Viet Le and Dr Chiraag Devani on an important mental health topic of Identity and Self Worth in Dentistry. Learn the importance of how your self worth correlates to your clinical confidence in your dental career and the MASK framework can help you better show up more authentically as a dentist you truly wish to be. We also vulnerably share some of our own challenges in our careers thus far to help normalise the struggles you may encounter in your career and how to navigate them.

Mental Wellbeing Focus #3 – Left Handed Dentistry: The Side You Never Thought About with Dr Vishi Phoeung & Dr Owen Johnston

In today’s episode I have a fireside chat with 2 dental school colleagues of mine whom we all share one common trait that is often not talked about enough in dentistry – being left handed. This episode is a shout out to all the left handed dentists and students (lefties) that are out there and we hope through our discussion of our own dental journeys so far you will not only feel seen, heard and understood, but also feel reassured and inspired that being a lefty does not limit your future success in a dental career.

Mental Wellbeing Focus #2 – Overcoming Challenging Career Circumstances with Dr Martin Mendelson

In today’s episode I chat with Dr Martin Mendelson, our second international guest on the DHS podcast from the USA, all about how to overcome challenging career circumstances. We also discuss the importance of mindset and that there is no cookie cutter approach to a dental career. 

Mental Wellbeing Focus #1 – Positive Psychology in Dentistry with Dr Mahrukh Khwaja

In today’s episode I chat with Dr Mahrukh Khwaja about the how positive psychology can help us thrive in our dental careers. This is our first international guest on the DHS podcast all the way from UK.