TIP #60 – A Day in The Life of An Orthodontist with Dr Katie Xu

If you’ve ever thought about specialising in ortho, this is a must-listen podcast.

Meet Dr Katie Xu – a talented young orthodontist who shares with us exactly what it’s like to work as an ortho specialist and how it compares to general dentistry.

She walks us through a typical day in a busy ortho practice and highlights the systems and workflows that make it run like a well oiled machine. Lots of tips you can take straight to the general practice!

Katie also talks about the more challenging aspect of her profession such as the significant amount of non-chairside hours spent on digital treatment planning and correspondence. It’s clear all worth it to her as evidenced by her passionate facebook posts educating GDPs on all things ortho.

TIP #52 – Orthodontics by General Dentists with Dr Tim Maxwell

This is a slightly controversial subject, so we’re going to lean into it with Dr Tim Maxwell.

It’s no secret that there are some specialist orthodontists who are against general dentists performing ortho. One of the reasons is that there is too vast a difference between the depth of education an orthodontist receives versus what’s available for general dentists to start immediately practicing ortho.

For a GP dentist wanting to learn ortho, not having the full support of the specialists doesn’t provide much confidence in what’s already a daunting educational pursuit. Not only that, there are strongly held and contentious opinions out there when it comes to different aspects of ortho: extraction vs non extraction, fixed vs clear aligners, age of intervention, degrees of airway involvement and more, further adding to the confusion.

Dr Tim Maxwell shares how he learned the importance of gaining both breadth and depth in navigating the world of orthodontic education for GPs. He talks about how to critically evaluate various education providers to gain a balanced perspective on the landscape and practice ortho competently and safely.