#22 – Dr Bruce Baird from the Productive Dentist Academy

Years ago, I can clearly remember hearing an American Dentist on Howard Farran’s Podcast ‘Dentistry Uncensored’ talking about productivity. He was producing around $3000 per hour – $20-30,000 per day and I honestly thought it was mad. How could this be possible?

This episode, we have the pleasure of chatting with that man! Dr Bruce Baird, in partnership with Victoria Peterson, are the founders of “The Productive Dentist Academy”. They specialise in improving your productivity and in this chat, we find out a little about how they do this and the journey Bruce took to get there.

#18 – Dr Phillip Palmer on Business, Communication and Prime Practice

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#17 – Instagram Influence with Dr Bharat Agrawal, Dr Aodhan Docherty, Dr David Attia and Dr Yo-Han Choi

We’ve popped the panel interview cherry with four awesome guys. They are a powerhouse of amazing dentistry on instragram;
Dr Bharat Agrawal (@dr.bharat.agrawal),
Dr Yo-Han Choi(@dr.yohanchoi,
Dr David Attia (@dr.davidattia),
Dr Aodhan Docherty (@dr.aodhan).

These guys are simply killing in on instagram and it is genuinely a pleasure to see their cases. But there is more to them than just some fancy photography. I had the pleasure of picking apart their opinions, advice and the why behind what they do.

Prime Head Start!

Dental Head Start is proud to announce its official partnership with Australian dental business Consultancy, Prime Practice, in kicking off a brand-new segment on the podcast called “Prime Head Start”.

Together with the subject matter experts and trainers at Prime Practice, Prime Head Start is a three to five minute segment that will deliver ‘bite-sized’ anecdotes to its listeners on a wide array of topics that all dental professionals should be aware of – key critical soft skills that were never really focused on in dental schools.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know…

During my undergraduate degree I spent a lot of time studying. The thing was, most of that time was spent studying poker.

Along with the game itself I dove into psychology, learning, emotional control and meditation. A lesson that stuck with me long after hanging up the poker hat was about the four stages of competence. The concept in poker was to move skills to unconscious competence a state where even the most emotionally frustrating situation (losing a ‘bad beat’, not dissimilar to an unreasonably difficult patient) would not affect the core skill. It was unconsciously working.

How to be Mentored

Don’t expect mentoring. Go into it with goals, be humble and learn but make it easy for mentor.

A good mentor relationship will transform your career.

Looking to do expand into a new procedure? Had a complication you weren’t expecting? Unsure of the best way to do something? Without mentors it’s easy to have your progression stalled and frustration increase in these situations. When it may be a simple reassuring conversation or a tip that takes you through that barrier to the next level.

Increase Productivity Without Speeding Up!

For me, in the first year I found the biggest increase to my production had nothing to do with me increasing speed.

It was simply trying to group procedures together.

Imagine you are doing a few fillings in a row on different patients. For each patient you greet them, briefly chat, discuss what you’re doing, give LA, place rubber dam, do the filling, check the bite and finally dismiss the patient.

#6 – Tips For Associates With Dr Jamie Workman [Part 1]

Are you an associate? Hearing Jamie’s story and what he is doing to prevent it happening again is an absolute must.

Episode 6 of the Dental Head Start Podcast welcomes Dr Jamie Workman. Dr Jamie Workman is a UK trained dentist and serial entrepreneur. Jamie is working in private practice, started www.jamiethedentist.com and multiple other ventures as well as having a special interest in Dentofacial Aesthetics and paediatric communication.

#3 – Tips for Grads with Dr Nauvneel Kashyap [Part 2]

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