TIP #67 – Job Hunting During COVID-19 with Dr Jeff Kho

Needless to say, COVID-19 has shaken the world and the dental industry is by no means exempt. So how has this affected the experience of new grads and their job hunting prospects?

Dr Jeff Kho shares his thoughts on the matter – and I’m pleased to let you know, it’s not all doom and gloom! In this episode, we talk about how to begin our job search journey, the pros and cons of old and new books, and how to toss up between multiple great offers.

FEATURE #66 – [Re-Run] Dental Students to Graduates with Dr Rohan Krishnan

Dr Krishnan has spent many years contributing to ADA NSW, initially on and then as chair of the Recent Graduate Committee and more recently as a Board Director. He is also on the board of Filling The Gap and runs his own private practice.

Impressive, yet my interest was peaked when he shared his new project with the University of Sydney. Dr Krishnan has put together a course for Usyd students to help them with transitioning to private practice. Together with hand chosen people from his broad network of passionate, excellent colleagues, Rohan is able to make a difference at the coalface. And I truly hope this becomes an Australia and New Zealand University wide approach.

TIP #65 – Managing Personal Finances with Dr Kalyan Voruganti

As dentists, we’re fortunate to have a well above average earning capacity, but managing wealth and personal finances is something most people are not taught through conventional education.

In this podcast, Dr Kalyan Voruganti, a successful and experienced practice owner shares with us some of his key best practices for managing personal finances and wealth across the different stages of our careers.

TIP #64 – How to Be the Ideal Candidate with Dr Jeff Kho

So you’ve found a practice you love, a mentor you admire and an opportunity that you just don’t want to miss out on. So then how do you go about landing that position? What can you do to make sure that you’re The One?

This is Part 1 of a three part grad series I did with Dr Jeff Kho where we talk about all things surrounding graduation and job hunting, making the most of our final year and how to be the ideal candidate – so keep an eye out for Part 2 and 3. David also did a much longer feature interview with Dr Jeff early in the year where we hear his story and his experience training dental graduates and founding Australian Hands On Courses (AHC).

In this episode Dr Jeff shares his golden tips on making a stellar first impression, being ‘the purple cow’ and the art of persistence. We talk about the importance of not just communicating but properly connecting with people, and how we can get better at it in a world where at times, we can be so disconnected.

TIP #62 – Stock & Inventory Management with Dr Namita Gupta

To practice dentistry, you need to have a lot of…stuff. Just open up a drawer or cabinet in any clinic and you’ll find hundreds of unique items that need to be ordered repeatedly from different suppliers. Some items are critical, some items expire, some are on special and some are on back-order.

The whole ordering, inventory and stock management process in dental is time consuming, human-resource heavy and plain messy. Due to the sheer volume and variety of products that need to be ordered from multiple suppliers, all with their own e-portals, order forms or sales reps it’s no wonder things inevitably fall through the cracks. Just today our entire practice ran out of etch!

As a multi-site practice owner, Dr Namita Gupta was no stranger to the pain points around ordering and stock management. She saw an opportunity to disrupt the wasteful and cumbersome old ways and co-founded Restoq, a centralised digital platform that streamlines and modernises inventory management for practices.

FEATURE #60 – Multiple Practice Ownership & Raising a Family with Dr Ayesha Aijaz

Building a practice is an immense challenge. Building multiple practices is exponentially harder. Building multiple practices while raising a young family is superhuman.

Yet there are breakthrough individuals out there who have achieved this. Dr Ayesha Aijaz is one of those and she has done so while also scaling back her clinical time and creating balance in her life.

Many of us either have or plan to have a family. How do you balance the time and make sure you’re not letting either ball drop?

Dr Ayesha Aijaz gives us her insights for both owners and associates which I think you’ll all learn something from.

FEATURE #57 – Multiple Practice Ownership with Dr Paul Jay Hwin

Dental Head Start was created to give students and graduates an insider look at dentistry with tips and tricks they don’t teach you at dental school
They certainly don’t teach us business at dental school!

Yet for some of us, it’s been engrained since day 1. In this podcast we have the pleasure of speaking with Dr Paul Hwin, a young multiple practice owner who is kicking some serious goals in the shadows.

A lot of time on the DHS podcast is with well known, successful dentistry educators. Dental celebs if there is such a thing. Yet this podcast and other success stories of widely successful dentists who achieve it without the limelight are genuinely inspiring to me.

Packed with advice for grads and a practice ownership spin, i really think you’ll enjoy this one with Dr Paul Hwin.

#50 – Dr Jesse Green on Leadership, Retention and Building a Life you Love.

Finding a mentor is such commonly shared advice that it’s almost cliché. Yet, without a doubt it is a crucial part to your development.

When I think about the mentors in my life, not all of them were two way relationships, some we’re people I listened to and absorbed wisdom from over many years.

Dr Jesse Green falls squarely into this type of mentor for me. Through the Savvy Dentist Podcast, his blogs, books and courses I have learnt an immense amount about business, communication and practice ownership. I’ve been fortunate enough to form a real relationship with Dr Jesse Green while managing and creating www.cpdjunkie.com.au and the learning hasn’t stopped.

This has been one of my favourite episodes and without doubt you will get pearls of wisdom from it. A fitting way to see out 2020.

TIP#30: What your Boss thinks With Dr Tiv Nirmalann

My boss would always do things that made me question his sanity, but now as a boss myself, I understand why he did what he did.
-Dr Tiv Nirmalann

It is easy to forget that we have a job and a lifestyle because dentistry is as a business is viable.

As a young graduate it is easy to forget this and become frustrated and sometimes demoralised with the way the practice is run and with certain decisions the boss makes.

You mean we cant have a Primescan week 1 after graduation?!

This is a timely tip given by a business owner himself. As many graduate around Australia and look for their very first job as a dentist, the advice given here on how to understand the boss but also excel in that position is crucial

Check out Dr Tiv’s coaching and mentoring page DrTiv.com to find out more about how Dr Tiv is trying to help young dentists.