New Grad Focus #3 – Finding The Perfect Job For You with Dr Stephen Dudgeon & Dr Eli Burger

When we’re about to graduate from dental school and looking for a job, we always hear how it is so important finding the right job for us that will allow us to rapidly grow both clinically and non-clinically as a new graduate dentist. But with so many job advertisements all touting the same perks and equipment, how can we filter out a job that may hold us back from growth from one that will maximise our first year a dentist?

Welcome back to the New Grad Focus series. My name is Phillip Nguyen and I am a first year graduate and today we are joined by Dr Steve Dudgeon and Dr Eli Burger who are co-CEOs of Avenue Dental, a group of practices on the Sunny Coast. And, they also happen to be my bosses and the guys I work for today. They have a passion for giving back to the dental community. They started the Australian Dental Graduate of the Year Award, the Mini-Residency Program as well as various other programs that help students and young dentists excel at the beginning of the careers. They are also passionate about how a supportive and fun workplace culture can lead to high quality dentistry and an outstanding patient experience. We discuss all the different factors to look for when choosing your first job out of dental school so if keep listening if you’d like to learn a few tips that may just help change the direction of how your first year will go. Enjoy the episode!

TIP #62 – Stock & Inventory Management with Dr Namita Gupta

To practice dentistry, you need to have a lot of…stuff. Just open up a drawer or cabinet in any clinic and you’ll find hundreds of unique items that need to be ordered repeatedly from different suppliers. Some items are critical, some items expire, some are on special and some are on back-order.

The whole ordering, inventory and stock management process in dental is time consuming, human-resource heavy and plain messy. Due to the sheer volume and variety of products that need to be ordered from multiple suppliers, all with their own e-portals, order forms or sales reps it’s no wonder things inevitably fall through the cracks. Just today our entire practice ran out of etch!

As a multi-site practice owner, Dr Namita Gupta was no stranger to the pain points around ordering and stock management. She saw an opportunity to disrupt the wasteful and cumbersome old ways and co-founded Restoq, a centralised digital platform that streamlines and modernises inventory management for practices.