TIP #141 – A Pep Talk for Dental Students in Exams… with Dr Ben Lee Part 2

In Part 2 of our series with Dr Ben Lee, he gives us an epic pep talk for our time at dental school. Dr Ben unpacks the real reason he decided to specialise in prosthodontics and reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously while studying. Feeling over exams and time for a study break? Have a listen to this ep and get your motivation back!

FEATURE #93 – Dreaming big: A journey from dentist to entrepreneur with Dr Namita Gupta

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TIP #140 – Crowns for Beginners with Dr Ben Lee Part 1

In this episode, I chat with Dr Ben Lee a prosthodontist in Sydney where we go through crowns for beginners (like me!). Dr Ben answers all my questions like: how do you talk to a patient about getting a crown? How do you suss out the vibes of your patients before starting treatment? Dr Ben gives us a birds eye view of all things prosthodontics and if you’re just starting out in your dental journey – this one’s for you!

TIP #139 – The strongest bond in dentistry: Dental assistant and Dentist with Rochelle Fisher

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OHT Pathways Focus #1 – Working in Orthodontics with Mirna Yousif

In this episode, I chat with Mirna Yousif, an OHT who worked in supportive roles in the dental practice before graduating. She talks about how being exposed to different procedures and dentists gave her the confidence to continue her journey into working alongside Orthodontists and how OHTs can support dentists who are caring for orthodontic patients. 

FEATURE #92 – POV: You’re a Dental Student in 2024 with Nathan Lau, Emily Lee, Jack Awad and Ashton Foo

In this episode, we get a glimpse into the world of dental school and dental students in 2024. Join Nathan from Griffith Uni, Emily from UQ, Jack from USYD and Ashton from UWA as they share what a day in the life is like at their uni’s and give valuable advice for younger students. From the parties and fun to the grind and stresses of clinic, we unpack it all!

If you’re a current dental student, we hope you can relate and find some encouragement from our conversation today. And if you’ve already graduated we hope this gives you a bit of a POV on what the next generation of dentists are up to.

TIP #137 – OHT Student Spotlight with Kaitlyn White: Thriving and Surviving Uni

Wow, we are well within the first semester this year and whatever part of our dental school journey we might be at, I think it would be pretty safe to say it’s only going to get harder before it gets easier at this stage. My guest in today’s episode is someone who has amassed over 1500 followers on social media by sharing her life as an OHT student and you can tell she’s a devoted one as she manages to share her oral health knowledge in such a way that would make the most anxious patient passionate about their smile. We caught up since wrapping up uni last year and talk about what we’re doing to thrive and survive another challenging year of school.