FEATURE #85 – Finding the Right Job with Dr Nauvneel Kashyap

With job hunting season just around the corner, we’re teaming up with Nauv Kashyap to cover the top most commonly asked questions students and new grads have when it comes to finding the right job.

Even as times change, the challenges we face as new grads are evergreen. In this episode, we’re talking about the differences between dentist-owned practices vs big corporate organisations, rural vs metro considerations, how to excel as an associate, red flags to look out for in contracts and what to do when a job isn’t what it was promised to be. 

Nauv is a huge advocate for new grads, and is passionate about standing up for them and ensuring they are being treated fairly within their workplaces. There is so much to unpack in this episode and we’re really lucky to have Nauv’s insight on the topic.

TIP #126 – The State of Saliva with Dr Samantha Byrne

Saliva… or rather spit! We’re told it’s important to test saliva at school but does knowledge about the patients saliva change the way the patient is treated? What can findings in our saliva cultures tell us about diseases such as Alzheimer’s or infective endocarditis? Joining us again to talk all things oral environment is none other than the wonderful Dr Samantha Byrne. Later on in the piece Samantha lists off a paper that we will have the link to in the show notes along with ways you can reach her if you have any questions for today’s episode. Stay tuned!

TIP #124 – What is AI Machine Learning and its Future in Dentistry? with Dr Hanna Pethani

All this talk of AI machine learning, but what does this mean for dentistry? Am I going to be able to plug in a bitewing radiograph and the computer can tell me where the caries is for me? Join Dr Pethani and Haydyn Bathurst as they discuss all the breakthrough and limitations to all things machine learning in dentistry 

TIP #121 – The Who What When Where of the ADSA with Sanika Shorey

For those in dental school right now you may be familiar or unfamiliar with who ADSA are, what things they run and what they stand for. Throughout the lockdown period in 2020 and 2021, a lot of us dental and oral health students have missed out on learning about all the things that ADSA are involved with in our dental schools. 2022 has seen a great comeback with the convention and involvement with dental school events now that restrictions have been eased.

To learn what ADSA are about this episode presents Sanika Shorey the president of the ADSA committee in 2023 to excite you as to what things ADSA has to offer this year

FEATURE #81 – Perspectives of a New Grad with Dr Olan Hartley, Dr Jayarna Hartland and Dr Zainab Noor

At Dental Head Start, our mission is to nurture a platform that stays relevant to the times and for the people whom it serves – students and new graduates like yourselves. It’s our goal to provide our listeners with content that is honest, relatable and digestible to give insight into what real world dentistry really looks like. So who better to hear from than from you guys directly – our listeners who have followed along over the years, and have now been there and done that.
Joining us in this episode are new graduates Dr Jayarna Hartland, Dr Olan Hartley and Dr Zainab Noor to share their perspectives as a new graduate. From job hunting to work-life balance, managing quiet books to disgruntled patients, we talk about it all. We bring down all the walls and talk about our wins and losses, managing our anxieties and the big plans we have for our futures. So for all the new grads in the exact same boat, join in the conversation! You are not alone.

TIP #120 – AI: What is Natural Language Processing and Its Future in Dentistry? with Dr Hanna Pethani

It’s all the office talk at the moment. Is ChatGPT going to take my job as a dentist??? In the face of technological advancement, there are both the negative naysayers and the blind believers… where does that leave you?

I pondered the same question. If I’m going to be hearing all this chatter from colleagues, students, tutors, and lecturers… who can provide some clarity in this ever-changing field.

I’m so grateful to be bringing on today’s guest Dr Hanna Pethani, who is a highly accomplished and dedicated dental professional and a PhD student in the Biomedical Informatics and Digital Health Department at the School of Medical Sciences at the University of Sydney.

In this episode (and another coming) we talk about all things AI in dentistry and get to the bottom of how these tools work and what they mean for our industry. Curious? Please have a listen!

TIP #117 – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Oral Environment with Dr Samantha Byrne

In dentistry we learn lots about how bacteria is the cause of all our problems, from dental caries, gingivitis, pulp necrosis and periapical lesions, are all bacteria bad for us? To discuss this question I’ve brought on Senior Lecturer at Melbourne University, Dr Samantha Byrne to discuss all things saliva and the environment that it creates for our microbiome. Very quickly into this episode you’ll learn how quickly this stuff gets nuanced in that there’s not really such thing as a good or bad bacteria. Another is the different ways in which patients may misinterpret advice that we give them. Okay Dr I’ve stopped drinking that lemonade like you told me and replaced it with drinking lemon juice instead? Who knew spit could be so interesting. Let’s get into it!

TIP #116 – How to Shine Bright in Your Early Years of Dental School – with Sanika Shorey

In today’s episode is an interview with the current president of the Australian Dental Student Association Sanika Shorey. We talk about what to expect out of your first year! Really because all dental schools are different we’re more focusing on your overall first half of dental school and what things you should expect and prepare for. This is an episode that will equip you well, and if you have any dental student in mind that you think this could be targeted for please feel free to share this with them. 

FEATURE #80 – The Big Wide World of Oral Medicine with Dr Michelle Kang

In this month’s feature episode we ask Oral Medicine Specialist Dr Michelle Kang about her journey and experience through the big wide world of oral medicine. Topics discussed include the variation in city and rural cases, the experience of travelling and the importance of a good support network to help you through tough times. Please sit back and enjoy!

TIP #112 – The Broadening Scope of the OHT with William Carlson-Jones

In the ever evolving field of dentistry the role of the oral health therapist has morphed and changed. Different age ranges different types of treatment and all varied across different states. This gets pretty confusing. With me here today is the Vice president of ADOHTA, Lecturer at USYD and a fellow Colgate advocate for oral health which shout out we’re both apart of. I thought CJ would be an excellent start to dive into all things OHT and get into topics such as the role of oral health promotion and trying to reduce disparities in oral health, and what are other opportunities that being in the dental health space offers?