Cosmetic dentistry has been revolutionised a few times over the last 30 years. First, bonding of porcelain gave the ability to recreate natural smiles with fixed prosthetic solutions. Then came more effective, natural composites that facilitated reduced preparation and beautiful results when the situation did not indicate porcelain. Recently, clear aligners have changed the game. Moving teeth to the best position before picking up the hand piece, or better yet, instead of any preparation. It’s the ultimate conservative step forward.

This episode we have the pleasure of chatting with two of Australia’s leading general dentists in the clear aligner space. Dr John Hagiliassis and Dr George Abdelmalek are the Founders of ACAS, the Australiasia Clear Aligner Society and have thousands of cases under their belt between them.

John is the founder of AORTA (Aesthetic, Orthodontic and Restorative Training Academy), an academy that helps dentists take the first few steps in providing aligner solutions for their patients.

If you provide aligners or want to anytime in your career, these two generous gents are the two to know!

In This Episode

  • 00:51 – John and Goerge’s pathway into dentistry, where John’s passion for clear aligners comes from, and how George came to work under John.
  • 14:56 – How John was able to achieve his view and philosophy on patient care and on his team approach to practicing. 
  • 22:20 – George’s advice for new graduates on finding their first job and walking into your interview with a confident attitude
    25:16 – The birth of Australasian Clear Aligner Society and their vision
  • 35:47 – John’s perspective on direct to consumer products and the risks it poses to our profession
  • 41:10 – George and John’s opinions on the future of AI technology in clear aligners and how this will impact treatment plans
  • 48:03 – Common mistakes John and George see people making as they get into clear aligners
  • 55:40 – How to get started in clear aligners and take on your first case!
  • 59:17 – Communication and language to help your patient understand the importance of wearing their aligner


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The Dental Head Start Podcast is for students and new graduates. We interview successful dentists and specialists to uncover the tips, tricks and advice to help you transition from dental school to private practice successfully.

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