This is the first podcast and it’s packed with great advice and actionable tips.

If you’re struggling with treatment plans and communication I have absolutely no doubt this is going to help you.

We have Dr Mark Hassed joining us. Mark is a general dentist who runs courses on communication and efficiency. Spending his early career learning and focusing on these topics led him to run two different successful practices and later to consult and mentor hundreds of dentists in this field.

Mark generously shares his wisdom in the following areas:
  • The advice he would give to his younger self
    • Be busy
    • Learn communication
    • Accurate diagnosis
    • Clear treatment plans before starting treatment
  • Cutting back from 5 1/2 to 4 days resulted in increased productivity
  • Communication can be learnt by everyone
  • An example of how he would present a $20k+ case
  • Efficiency tips
    • Wear loupes
    • Make precise cuts, don’t slowly abrade the tooth
    • As a dentist do dentistry and delegate everything else.
    • Focus is a huge part of productivity
The Art Of Case Acceptance seminars
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