We've all done it, nicked a cotton roll with a high speed and the ball of white pops off like fireworks. Hopefully you didn't jump too high,and hopefully the patient didn't notice!

While Facebook may lead us to believe rubber dam is used for everything including exos, we live in the real world. Although I use rubber dam in most situations cotton roll isolation has to suffice in others. One such situation is the class 5.

Hopefully you don't make it routine to prep the cotton roll, but if the patient swallows then thankfully it was there protecting the their tongue! If it happens, simply use the slow speed to cut it off!

Simply use the slow speed to cut it off

Back to the prep in no time.

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David is a recent graduate dentist working in private practice in regional NSW, Australia. Read more at www.dentalheadstart.com/meet-david/

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