Imagine walking into your child’s room to find a stranger choking your child. Fear, panic and an immediate response would be instant, of course with a heroic end and a safe child. However, it is common to let our children snore, effectively choking, each night without investigation or treatment.

As dentists we are the gateway to the mouth. We see our patients regularly, we monitor their development and we should know the signs of sleep disordered breathing. And when we do, we can make a change in our patients lives.

This episode we have the absolute pleasure of speaking with Dr David McIntosh. David is a paediatric ENT with a special interest in airway, snoring and sleep apnoea. David is a published author on this topic with an excellent book called Snored to Death – I recommend everyone reads this. David runs multiple facebook pages in an attempt to educate and change the old ways of letting our children struggle to breath at night.

This was a monster episode with a ton of information. David was particularly generous with his time and this stretches close to 2hrs! Perhaps digest this one in a few different sittings but i have absolutely no doubt you’ll be engaged and take away a ton of Information.

We chat in depth about

  • Is it ok for a child to snore?
  • How David became an ENT with a special interest in paediatric airway
  • What do dentist need to know about airway to pick this stuff up
  • The deal with tonsillitis and the magic number 
    • Of the cases he sees where tonsillectomy is indicated, 80-90% have not ever had tonsillitis 
    • Size is a big part but not the whole story 
    • Diagnosing in children – the facts 
    • Assesssment of tonsils and their grades
  • How you can approach the airway and tonsil discussion with parents
  • What is the referral pathway once the issue is identified.
  • Not all ENTs are created equal, some have special interests in the ear, others in the airway etc. Do your research to ensure the pt gets appropriate care
  • Should adults snore?
  • Tongue tie, a great framework to help you think about and advise on tongue tie.
    • Physical tongue tie and a functional tongue tie
  • A few questions from our Instagram page and Facebook Group


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David is a recent graduate dentist working in private practice in regional NSW, Australia. Read more at

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