My Bag of Tricks.

I spend my time between 3 different practice locations. I quite like the variation. The morning drive is different, we work with a bigger team of people and the patient demographics are quite different leading to a more varied clinical experience.

However over time i have accumulated the equivalent to a dentistry bag of tricks and ended up with bits and pieces everywhere. Digital camera, loupes, SD card readers and my own bur kits. I found pretty quickly that 3 locations means i needed an easy way to carrier my growing paraphernalia. After an attempt to search for what others used i ended up finding my way to a customisable camera bag. And if I spent time looking then i’m sure this post will help someone out there!

Vanguard 46 Divider Case

Made for the OCD in you. Camera bags allow everything to fit into its place. They come in different shapes and sizes and i settled with the Vanguard 46 divider soft case. These are made to go in a hard case for travel purposes however mine is not going on a plane anytime soon so a soft case is plenty.

The beauty of a case like this is it opens up and can sit accessible on the bench. I have my own bur sets and other small items i want to be able to access intra-operatively. It also doesn’t look like a back pack which on the bench is hardly professional.

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Vanguard Divider Bag 40

Vanguard Divider Bag 46

This is the size i use. It easily fits my camera and ring flash, loupes, charges/SD card reader, some models, bur kits and bits and pieces box (aka tackle box)

Vanguard Divider Bag 53

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