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#28 – Dr Sravan Chunduru Shows Rem Pros is Engaging

When we think instagram dentistry and prosthodontics, we tend to think veneers and full mouth rehab. Tired teeth restored back to their beautiful original state. Little space is left for dentures and rem pros.

Yet dentures and your first full mouth rehab. They are the path to a beautiful smile, effective function and increased self-confidence, which is so easily lost when a patient looses their smile.

This critical aspect of dentistry has been generally made engaging by Dr Sravan Chunduru, an Adelaide based Prosthodontist I had the pleasure of chatting with of this episode of the Dental Head Start Podcast.

#27 – Dr Dean Licenblat’s Path to Implants and Bone Grafting

From a simple tooth replacement to a full arch, implants can give a patient back their smile, their function and their confidence. An integral part of today’s options for the missing tooth, implants and bone grafting are important to understand and offer. Yet at university, we generally get just an introduction to this critical dental field.

So, many of us embark on significant education to learn more and provide more in this field. There are plenty of paths to implant competence however the options can be overwhelming and it is easy to spend a significant amount of money without the results you desire.

Dr Dean Licenblat shares his path to implant success and what he recommends to young dentists who want to add implants to their repertoire. After being exposed to implants earlier than most, Dean recognised this is something he could passionately pursue and proceeded to expand his knowledge both here and overseas. This led him to a Master’s Degree from the Goethe University in Frankfurt with a focus on Oral Implantology and Bone Grafting. He now teaches internationally, mentors for the masters program and focuses his own private practice to implants.

5 Steps to Calming The Anxious Patient

Dental anxiety is extremely common.

And the reasons for this are often valid. Treatment techniques and mindset have changed drastically over the last 50 years and fortunately in today’s world, it is less.

I, and I trust most of you, put in a special effort for every single anxious patient. Especially children where this anxiety is often precipitated.

In my short few years I’ve come to recognise 5 key techniques that help anxious patients through this difficult time.

This is just one little piece of what i’ll be sharing this Thursday in the 4Sight Dental Graduate Webinar. With Dr Jesse Green and Dr Omid Azami as well, this will give you a Dental Head Start!

#26 – Dental Volunteering with Dr Jelena Skovrlj

We have a unique skill. Something that the majority of people in developing countries do not have access to. For those without access this results in pain, Systemic illnesses, a loss of confidence and in the most severe, can threaten life.

Giving our time can have an enormous impact. Whether it’s here in Australia or overseas, there are millions who could benefit from your skills.

Dr Jelena Skovrlj is a recent graduate doing just that. Jelena has been giving her skills since well before graduation and consistently returns to a small village in the Philippines to help those most in need.

#25 – Podcast Pearls from the Top 10 in 2019

The end of a year and a decade. And the end of the first year of the Dental Head Start Podcast.

I hope you’ve got a ton from this because I sure have. We’ve had the opportunity to peer into the minds and origins of some of Australia’s best Dentists (and one particularly engaging ENT) and have gained so much wisdom. I genuinely want to thank all our our guests in 2019 who really allowed Dental Head Start to stand up and help dental students and graduates.

Every single episode has something of value hiding within it. I’d love to hear what you found most useful. But I do know what you all found most engaging and the most listened to episodes for 2019. Some of these had over a thousand listens!

#24 – Dr Lincoln Harris on Dentistry Today and How he Got Here

It’s not fast
It’s OK to break the tooth!
Every piece you break out gives more room for the remaining bit. Keep Cutting whatever is left in half until it’s gone

Dr Lincoln Harris on surgical extractions

Over the years I’ve learnt a lot from Dr Lincoln Harris. He was one of the first to share cases on Facebook in the way we commonly see today and this blew my mind at the time, not only because of what was possible, but also because of how much I learnt from these posts.

Lincolns teaching has expanded from social media to international lectures, hands on courses and sold out local events. His online community at RIPE is one of the biggest dental gatherings in the world and his online academy continues to grow every year.

I feel the impact of this cannot be understated and it’s my pleasure to interview Lincoln on his path and future in dentistry.

#23 – Dr Annalene Weston knows Burnout and Stress

Did you realise a third of your dental friends were struggling? This issue is real and very important. In the end we work to live, we don’t live to work at the expense of our happiness, our relationships and our future.

This episode we have the pleasure of talking about burnout, stress and what we can do about it with Dr Annalene Weston. Annalene is a dento-legal advisor with DPL, a dentist and a leading speaker on burnout and stress in the dental profession.

#22 – Dr Bruce Baird from the Productive Dentist Academy

Years ago, I can clearly remember hearing an American Dentist on Howard Farran’s Podcast ‘Dentistry Uncensored’ talking about productivity. He was producing around $3000 per hour – $20-30,000 per day and I honestly thought it was mad. How could this be possible?

This episode, we have the pleasure of chatting with that man! Dr Bruce Baird, in partnership with Victoria Peterson, are the founders of “The Productive Dentist Academy”. They specialise in improving your productivity and in this chat, we find out a little about how they do this and the journey Bruce took to get there.