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#64 – Becoming a Leader in the Community with Dr Mohit Tolani

“Why do you want to be a dentist?” The cliché response to this common question is that we want to help people. And it goes without saying, our general dentistry does this. But there is so much more that is possible.

Community engagement, public health policy, volunteering and health advocacy are all areas that can make a wider impact. And Dr Mohit Tolani does them all.

Mohit and I were lucky enough to meet at the Graduate of the Year Mini Residency in 2017. We were fresh out of University and ready to change the world. Interestingly, Mohit is well on his way.

His education pathway and community involvement all demonstrates his dedication to the community and oral health outcomes at large. This is inspiring stuff for those who want to give back.

TIP #59 – Starting Up with Implants with Dr Namita Gupta

Whether you’re an owner or associate, introducing implant dentistry into your practice isn’t a small task. From stocking up on componentry to training your DA’s to figuring out costs and consent forms – there are multiple factors that need to be considered.

Dr Namita Gupta, experienced implant dentist, education and multi-practice owner breaks it down for us. We discuss everything from how to start and maintain your implant education, how to access crucial mentorship, how to train up staff and how to work out the business and administrative aspect of implant dentistry.

TIP #58 – You Can’t Be Everything to Everyone with Dr Alistair Graham

As a dentist, you can’t be everything for everyone. Most of us learn this the hard way.

On this podcast, Dr Alistair Graham shares with us the value he gained from narrowing his career path and skill set in dentistry.

Determining the kind of dentist he wanted to be allowed him to focus his efforts and concentrate his skill development in the areas of dentistry that were right for him. Today, he and his team have absolute clarity on the kind of patient they want to attract to their clinic and as a result, they only perform the kind of dentistry they love. This is by design.

He explores the decision making process that every dentist has to go through to gain focus in their own career and determine the path that’s right for them.

TIP #57 – Systemising with Dr Mark Hassed

Did you think about how to drive the car to work today? Or how you brush your teeth? No, of course not, these are things we do on autopilot. And the reason for this is simple, it helps free our brain up for the more important decisions.

Dr Mark Hassed shares this important concept in relation to our clinical practice. Efficiency is his wheelhouse and this is a key component. Keep your brain free for the important decisions by systemising the rest.

Dr Mark Hassed is an expert in case acceptance and communication and this is one of hundreds of useful tips he’s shared over the years of coaching dentists via The Relaxed Dentist. He writes a weekly blog and has made his renowned course online, on-demand for your Covid shutdown blues.

TIP #56 – Digital Smile Design in Practice with Dr Alistair Graham

If you’re a dentist, you would have definitely heard of Digital Smile Design. But what is it? It’s not that clear because it’s more than one thing.

DSD is a concept, a workflow, an app, a lab, a brand and more – no wonder it’s confusing.

Dr Alistair Graham runs a DSD accredited practice where he and his team have adopted the DSD workflow and use it successfully to attract, communicate with and carry out treatment for patients using the DSD approach. In this podcast he explains the what and how.

#63 – Advocating for the Dental Profession with A/ Prof Matthew Hopcraft

When we graduate from dental school, most of us think our only path in dentistry is to become a clinical dentist working out of a dental clinic. A/Prof Matthew (Matt is preferred) Hopcraft has chosen a different avenue of practicing dentistry, as he is making a huge impact on communities in Australia because of it.

Matt is a recognised leader and expert in dental public health and advocacy and has been instrumental in not only advocating on behalf of the dental profession, but also relaying information to dentists themselves since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Matt shares some great stories about his experiences of working in the army, becoming CEO of the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch, and taking part in the hit series Masterchef Australia.

Enjoy this fun episode as we talk to Matt about all the great things he has been doing in his extensive career.

TIP #55 – Don’t Die Wondering, Ask with Dr Mark Hassed

You will get the girl/boy, the job or the case acceptance if you do not simply ask.

Sounds obvious, but critically analyse your own communication and case acceptance. Are there situations where you’ve seen a patient again and again and fallen into a habit of single tooth dentistry, without offering the comprehensive solution?

Dr Mark Hassed is an expert in case acceptance and communication and this is one of hundreds of useful tips he’s shared over the years of coaching dentists via The Relaxed Dentist. He writes a weekly blog and has made his renowned course online, on-demand for your covid shutdown blues.

Don’t die wondering, Ask!

TIP #54 – Understanding CEREC Basics with Dr Alistair Graham

Dr Alistair Graham is a trainer for one of the most popular CEREC courses in Australia run by CEREC pro Dr Lawrence Lau.

In this podcast we discuss the basics of CEREC; how to get started, what to focus on and what common pitfalls to avoid as a beginner.

He also shares with us his appointment workflow and how it all comes together in his highly successful private practice.