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#57 – Multiple Practice Ownership with Dr Paul Jay Hwin

Dental Head Start was created to give students and graduates an insider look at dentistry with tips and tricks they don’t teach you at dental school
They certainly don’t teach us business at dental school!

Yet for some of us, it’s been engrained since day 1. In this podcast we have the pleasure of speaking with Dr Paul Hwin, a young multiple practice owner who is kicking some serious goals in the shadows.

A lot of time on the DHS podcast is with well known, successful dentistry educators. Dental celebs if there is such a thing. Yet this podcast and other success stories of widely successful dentists who achieve it without the limelight are genuinely inspiring to me.

Packed with advice for grads and a practice ownership spin, i really think you’ll enjoy this one with Dr Paul Hwin.

TIP #42: Instruments & Materials in Endodontics with Dr Pat Caldwell

How comfortable are you with Endo? Our ability to successfully and comfortably complete endodontics really evolves around our understand of our equipment and the techniques for using these instruments.

There are hundreds of files on the market. All with their own marketing of why they’re best. Dr Pat Caldwell comes on the WIWIK podcast to share a masterclass on these materials, their indications and use to help you complete your endodontics comfortably and predictably.

Dr Pat Caldwell also runs the Endospot Skills School, an online endodontics education company aimed at helping you treat more of your endodontics in house with less stress.

Join us as Pat walks us through a common situation when he is referred a calcified canal.

TIP #41: Perfectly Imperfect You with Dr Sam Koh

Perfectionism doesn’t NOT mean being perfect. It’s the tendency to strive for unrealistic or unattainable standards which often result in the formation highly critical self evaluations and excessive concern for others evaluations.

In dentistry, social media plays a major role in guiding the expectations we set on ourselves, because it’s one of the few windows we have into each other’s worlds. Unfortunately it can be a breeding ground for anxiety and self doubt. Even though we know it’s not a true representation of reality, it can still leave many of us feeling life we’re falling behind in our profession or that our work is not good enough.

Dr Sam Koh challenges the basis for these standards we set on ourselves and resets the perspective we should maintain when we enter this parallel universe. This podcast is a reality check and will leave you feeling less self-critical and more self-compassionate.