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New Grad Focus #1 – Your Checklist Before Starting Work with Dr Margaret Tran

The transition from being a student to a fully qualified dentist is one of the biggest periods of change we go through and it’s something that isn’t taught at all at university.
In this episode, Dr Margaret Tran joins us to go through all the essential things you will need to have organised before you start your first day of work. Not only do we go through the specific requirements of each license and number, but also the nuances of each application and how to minimise the delay in receiving each which will ultimately allow you to begin work sooner!
This episode is a must to listen to as it will make the transition to working so much easier, smoother and stress-free.

TIP #108 – Growing As A New Grad with Dr David Keir

If the mission statement of Dental Head Start is to help dental students become great dentists then I really am the guinea pig for it. In this episode, we are joined by David Keir who founded DHS to talk about his advice for me as a soon-to-be fully fledged dentist.

In this episode, we talk about finding your feet in that first year out, the effect of the practice you work at and the boss you work under. How CPD is crucial but also not everything and how there are so many other resources we can tap into to upskill.

For all my fellow graduating classmates, this is such an exciting time for us! Congratulations for making it this far, and let’s get it! The world is ours to make.

TIP #107 – The Cracked Tooth with Dr Michael Mandikos

Perhaps one of the most common findings we’ll come across charting, is discovering cracks in teeth. Now here comes the conundrum of how bad is that crack, should we fix it and how should we go about fixing it?

In this episode, we sit down with Dr Michael Mandikos, a specialist prosthodontist, to crack the code. We talk about diagnosing cracks, how to manage them and we tackle the age old debate of… do you chase the crack?

FEATURE #76 – Enhancing the Dental Team with Kathy Metaxas

With over 44 years of experience in the dental industry, Kathy Metaxas knows a thing or two about dental practices. She is the founder of Platinum Professional Development, a motivational speaker, dental educator, coach and advocate for patient care and management, fostering strong team culture and implementing systems to ensure dental practices can function at the optimal potential.

One of the things we love doing on the podcast is bringing on people who aren’t necessarily dentists, but are fundamental and integral to our industry. We all know a dental practice is only as good as its staff, and in today’s episode Kathy talks us through it all. We talk about leadership, teamwork, how generational differences affect us and her advice for new grads entering the world of dentistry.

TIP #106 – Matrix Selection & Placement with Dr Alice Whang

There’s not denying that restorations form the bread and butter of our dental work, but there’s a lot of finesse to creating the perfect restoration. In this episode, we’re joined by Dr Alice Whang to talk about how to restore a classic 14DO – how to assess it radiographically, rubber dam placement, how to choose the right matrix, assessing your contact and how to wedge. I know often I fall into the trap of just thinking if it fits, it fits, but Dr Alice talks us through the detailed thought process that goes into every step of restoring a tooth to ensure you have predictable and optimal results every single time.

TIP #105 – Moving Interstate & Balancing Life with Dr Phillip Nguyen

Moving interstate is always a daunting experience and to do that as a new-grad about to start full time work can be a lot.

In this episode, Dr Phillip Nguyen shares his experience moving for uni and then again for work. We talk about how he planned it out and how he balances his hobbies, fitness and social life along with dentistry, and how he’s built his support network all up from scratch.

As someone who is about to graduate and potentially moving interstate, this is a really reassuring conversation. And I hope for anyone in the same boat, this chat gives you some guidance and motivation as well!

TIP #104 – At What Age Should We Start Ortho? with Dr Derek Mahony

So we see a child with some missing teeth, some crowding here or there and a bit of a funny bite. Do we intervene now? Or watch and wait, and let them grow into themselves?
In this episode, we chat with Dr Derek Mahony about the age-old question of when to start orthodontic treatment. If you haven’t already, check out our previous episode (Early Airway Intervention & Orthodontics) where we talk about early airway intervention and how this can simplify and optimise orthodontic treatment later on. Because today, we talk about when exactly we should start assessing children, how to assess peak growth and the ideal age to begin treatment.

FEATURE #75 – Weightlifting, Oral Surgery & The Origins of DPR with Dr Soo-Wee Ong

Dr Soo-Wee Ong – Oral Surgeon by Day, Weightlifter by Night, Founder of DPR and All Round Awesome Guy.

In this jam-packed episode, we talk about everything from how weightlifting changed Soo-Wee’s life, to his early days as a magician on the side. We discuss the differences between dentistry in Australia and New Zealand, where Oral Surgeons stand in the field and the humble origins of DPR.

We discuss Soo-Wee’s attitude towards sharing knowledge and why he’s so passionate about educating the younger generation. This episode was such a wonderful mix of fun stories and the valuable lessons Soo-Wee has for grads. You don’t want to miss it!

TIP #103 – Struggles & Lessons of Your Early Years with Dr Alice Whang

It’s easy to see the confidence and competence of senior dentists and to compare ourselves to them, and oftentimes it’s easy to forget that they were once students too.

In this episode, we are joined by Dr Alice Whang to talk through the ups and downs of Dr Alice’s journey from a student to where she is now – a phenomenal clinician and a RIPE Global educator. This was a heartwarming chat where we discuss the trials and tribulations every new grad goes through.

If you haven’t already, you have to check out Dr Alice’s instagram @dralice.dentistry where she is always sharing simple clinical pro tips that can make a huge difference to how we practice. You’ll find her page full of tips on better rubber dam, using teflon, matrix selection and taking better intraoral scans.

TIP #102 – Show & Tell With Photography with Dr Paul Jay Hwin

They say a picture tells a thousand words, and in the world of dentistry, this could not be more powerful.

In this episode, we’re joined with Dr Paul Jay Hwin to talk about the power of photography and the various ways we can implement it into our appointments to communicate, educate and ultimately, connect better with our patients.

It’s one thing to look smart with tech, and take Insta-worthy photographs, but it’s a whole different ball game to know how and when to present these photos to really hit home.