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TIP #47: How to Dominate Google with Dr Geeta Perks

There are hundreds of dental practices in any given region of Australia, but those positioned at the top of a Google search are going to enjoy the lion’s share of the new patients out there.

Google domination is no accident. The competition for digital exposure is fierce and the rules are ever-changing.

In this podcast, Melbourne based digital marketing expert and dentist Dr Geeta Perks gives us a clear overview on how Google rankings work and the strategies we can employ to get our practice websites performing well enough to ultimately dominate the rankings for the relevant Google searches.

#59 – [Re-Run] Good Eyes Make Good Work with Dr Tony Rotondo

Many say Dr Tony Rotondo has good hands. And if you have seen his work, then you would certainly agree. But for Tony, it’s his eyes that allow him to achieve his clinical excellence. And perhaps, his passion and consistent drive to improve.

Dr Tony Rotondo is an internationally recognised prosthodontist with particular interest in aesthetics, composite and implant dentistry. Tony completed his undergraduate at UQ and his prosthodontic program at UCLA. Tony is also an educator and lectures locally and internationally.

TIP #46: When Should You Use a Splint? with Dr Damian Teo

Here’s a scenario – you have a patient that comes in with pain in their jaw, sore muscles, chips all along their front teeth and wear facets across all their back teeth. As dentists, we’re trained to immediately think of issuing a splint to protect the teeth. But what do we do when that doesn’t work, and is issuing a splint always the right solution?

In this episode Dr Damian Teo sheds some light on this tricky situation and shares the three reasons he would use a splint. This is a special addition to the Bruxism, TMD & OSA trilogy we’ve already released with Dr Damian Teo earlier on in the year, so don’t forget to flick back to make sure you’re up to date.

TIP #45: Understanding Digital Marketing & Establishing a Personal Brand with Dr Geeta Perks

Meet Dr Geeta Perks, not only a dentist but also the director of Dental Focus Marketing, a Melbourne based digital agency dedicated to serving the niche dental industry in all things digital marketing.

Her work encompases more than you’d think – websites, social media, SEO, Google domination, compliance, content creation, reporting and more. In this podcast, she shares some key do’s and don’ts for digital marketing as well as the innovative ways that young dentists are building their own personal brand individually.

Her personal journey from Dentist to Digital Marketing director puts her in a unique position to help others understand how digital marketing can enhance the patient journey and keep us busy with happy patients.

#58 – [Re-Run] Implants & Post Graduate Study with Dr Andrew Thorpe

If you are a part of the Facebook Group DPR then you know Dr Andrew Thorpe. A generous contributor to questions simple and complex as well as someone who shares work that allows us less experienced dentists and students aspire.

Continuing this sharing of knowledge, Andrew went into implant education early on in his journey and has a particular interest in implant complications. Sharing his experiences with you so you don’t have to experience it yourself. Andrew is still actively learning himself having completed a Grad Dip in Oral Implants and now Grad Dip in Surgical Dentistry.

For all the graduates and students reading this is a must listen. Learning his experience is captivating but his direct advice to those early on in their career is powerful and helpful.

TIP #44: Saving Every Tooth But At What Cost? with Dr Michael Frazis

We’ve all be in that situation where we’re torn between saving a tooth and throwing in the towel. As with all things in dentistry, there isn’t necessarily a correct answer. Ultimately, what’s most important is how we go about explaining the situation and presenting the options to a patient.

In this episode, Dr Michael Frazis talks us through his ‘Open and Explore’ appointments, and how he walks the patient step-by-step through the process to help them make an informed decision.

Dr Frazis shares plenty of stories and helpful examples in this short and sweet episode.

TIP #43: Talking Money with Dr Sam Koh

So, you just told the patient why they need a crown and they completely agree that the treatment makes sense. Now comes the hard part, quoting the fee.

You think to yourself, are they expecting it to be this high? The last patient was so shocked by the price and didn’t re-book. What if they don’t go ahead with the treatment? And my crowns aren’t as good as those other dentists I see on Facebook; who am I to charge this much? Perhaps I should give them a discount. They are a student after all. I’ll just get the front desk to email them the quote later.

Sound familiar?

Most of us feel a little uncomfortable discussing fees with our patients. It’s no longer just a conversation about what’s clinically the best treatment option for them; this is what we are trained to do. It’s far more personal and the struggle we have around the subject says more about us, our mindset and biases around money than anything else.

Dr Sam Koh shares his top tips around shifting our mindset so that we can discuss treatment fees with less fear and greater confidence.

#57 – Multiple Practice Ownership with Dr Paul Jay Hwin

Dental Head Start was created to give students and graduates an insider look at dentistry with tips and tricks they don’t teach you at dental school
They certainly don’t teach us business at dental school!

Yet for some of us, it’s been engrained since day 1. In this podcast we have the pleasure of speaking with Dr Paul Hwin, a young multiple practice owner who is kicking some serious goals in the shadows.

A lot of time on the DHS podcast is with well known, successful dentistry educators. Dental celebs if there is such a thing. Yet this podcast and other success stories of widely successful dentists who achieve it without the limelight are genuinely inspiring to me.

Packed with advice for grads and a practice ownership spin, i really think you’ll enjoy this one with Dr Paul Hwin.