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TIP #54 – Understanding CEREC Basics with Dr Alistair Graham

Dr Alistair Graham is a trainer for one of the most popular CEREC courses in Australia run by CEREC pro Dr Lawrence Lau.

In this podcast we discuss the basics of CEREC; how to get started, what to focus on and what common pitfalls to avoid as a beginner.

He also shares with us his appointment workflow and how it all comes together in his highly successful private practice.

TIP #53 – Retention with Dr Jesse Green

Imagine a bath filling up with water. The water is new patients and it’s a vital component of a busy and successful practice. If you want to fill the bath, would you leave the sink unplugged?

Why is it many dentists and practices don’t first think to plug the leak before filling the bath?

Patient retention is vital for practice owners and associates alike. Your books are your responsibility. You can impact this and there are some simple yet vital ways you can keep yourself busy and loved by your patients.

Dr Jesse Green wrote the Book Retention: How to plug the #1 profit leak in your dental practice – find it on or Amazon.

TIP #52 – Orthodontics by General Dentists with Dr Tim Maxwell

This is a slightly controversial subject, so we’re going to lean into it with Dr Tim Maxwell.

It’s no secret that there are some specialist orthodontists who are against general dentists performing ortho. One of the reasons is that there is too vast a difference between the depth of education an orthodontist receives versus what’s available for general dentists to start immediately practicing ortho.

For a GP dentist wanting to learn ortho, not having the full support of the specialists doesn’t provide much confidence in what’s already a daunting educational pursuit. Not only that, there are strongly held and contentious opinions out there when it comes to different aspects of ortho: extraction vs non extraction, fixed vs clear aligners, age of intervention, degrees of airway involvement and more, further adding to the confusion.

Dr Tim Maxwell shares how he learned the importance of gaining both breadth and depth in navigating the world of orthodontic education for GPs. He talks about how to critically evaluate various education providers to gain a balanced perspective on the landscape and practice ortho competently and safely.

#61 – Artificial Intelligence and Authorship with Padma Gadiyar

What do you think dentistry will look like in 30 years?

It’s a good question, for many of us we’ll still be practicing and caring for our patients. So what impact will technology have on our practice? Without a doubt digital dentistry is having an impact, but so is AI.

Dr Padma Gadiyar is on the cutting edge of the intersection of AI and dentistry. Specifically patient managment and engagement. She is the founder of, an app and software that helps patients monitor their condition with their dentist and suggests if they have dental disease that needs to be addressed.

Dr Padma is not only a tech entraprenaur, she is also a practice owner and mother who has achieved so much in her career, with the added challange of immigrating to Australia after graduation.

This is an engaging episode with an inspiring women. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

TIP #51 – BAD Dentistry with Dr Tim Maxwell

Dr Tim Maxwell is a pretty BAD dentist. That is, he practices bio-mimetic, aesthetic dentistry. It’s a concept that’s fast taking over long-standing, traditional approaches to restorative dentistry.

Advances in modern adhesive dentistry has allowed for substantially more conservative, additive and long-lasting restorative options for our patients.

More importantly, it’s highlighted just how reductive, destructive and unnecessary many of those past practices were, and still are. Dr Tim Maxwell is one of the leading dentists that challenges those methods, most of which are still taught at universities today.

In this podcast, he explains to us the key principles behind biomimetic aesthetic/adhesive dentistry and the advantages it offers both patients and the longevity of their teeth. He walks us through the practical aspects of biomimetic prep design, adhesion, immediate dentine sealing so you can start practicing BAD dentistry tomorrow.

TIP #50 – Beyond Scanning in Digital Dentistry with Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny

You’ve got a scanner, you’re comfortable doing single unit crown and bridge. What’s next? If you’re like me, you’ve got itchy feet and want to learn more about what digital dentistry has to offer.

Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny walks us down the path of what else you can do in digital dentistry and what other steps to take. We discuss the future of digital dentistry and some of the costs and limitations of what is out there.

If you really want to get a handle on this space, hop over to to continue your journey.

TIP #49: Social Media Tips for Dentists with Dr Geeta Perks

More and more dentists are on social media but as digital marketing expert and dentist Dr Geeta Perks says, “social media is a noisy space”, especially post- COVID. How do we stand out from the rest?

Geeta shares with us her top 3 tips for social media and covers the following:
– Using social media as a form of indirect marketing
– Identifying your target audience and choosing the right platform
– Social media content strategy through personalisation and consistent posting
– Delegating to the right person or team to manage social media marketing

#60 – Multiple Practice Ownership & Raising a Family with Dr Ayesha Aijaz

Building a practice is an immense challenge. Building multiple practices is exponentially harder. Building multiple practices while raising a young family is superhuman.

Yet there are breakthrough individuals out there who have achieved this. Dr Ayesha Aijaz is one of those and she has done so while also scaling back her clinical time and creating balance in her life.

Many of us either have or plan to have a family. How do you balance the time and make sure you’re not letting either ball drop?

Dr Ayesha Aijaz gives us her insights for both owners and associates which I think you’ll all learn something from.

TIP #48: Digital Dentistry – Where to Start? with Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny

We live in a digital world, we communicate online, kids can use computers better than most adults and I don’t think I’ve used physical money in about a year. So, where do you think dentistry is going? I tend to agree with Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny – it’s going digital and the time is now.

But where and how do you start? What if you’re an associate? Dr Ahmad is from the Institute of Digital Dentistry and he lives and breathes this frontier of Dentistry. If you’re in NZ, you can go to Wellington and do his live course. If not, his online academy will kick start your digital dentistry career. It’s not just pros and aligners, Digital Dentistry is the cutting edge of almost all facets of dentistry.