Work or study in the dental field? Want to be good at it?

Of course you do, we all do. Yet dentistry is hard, and the old saying is true; you don’t know what you don’t know.

The fastest way to becoming great is finding a good mentor and getting experience. For me, I did it all in reverse. I fell into a job as a dental assistant during high school and university. This taught me a heap, probably the most important being that i liked dentistry and wanted to be one. Yet what i didn’t realise until later was that the experience and mentorship gave me a huge head start. That head start is what i want to give you.

Who’s behind the blog?

I’m Dr David Keir (DMD), a 2016 dentistry graduate from the University of Sydney. Currently, like many of you, i’m a full time Dentist in private practice. I live and work in coastal NSW Australia and love the lifestyle here. And like you, i find some procedures easy and other procedures hard. And i want to make more things easy and less hard by finding and sharing the nuances that allow the best to make it look easy.

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What is the Dental Head Start blog about?

None of us know it all. I most certainly do not. I can give the head start to those going towards dental school or in dental school however my journey is not done. Dentistry tips and tricks will be shared weekly to help dental hopefuls to dental students to seasoned dentists. Every week I will be releasing a short and  specific tip or trick that help you produce faster, more efficient and most importantly better, longer lasting dentistry.

The tips will accumulate into a library of useful hints and i want this to become a resource all students and dental graduates value. But to do this it will need to grow so if you find value here don’t keep it all to yourself, share it with your friends as a way of saying thank you.

These tips and tricks will be from many sources and I will attempt to give credit where credit is due. I’ve picked up a lot over the years as have many of you. Some things i may not know where the original source is from so i want you to enlighten me if i fail to acknowledge them.

Dental Head Start isn’t supposed to be a one way street. If you are a dentist, therapist, hygienist or assistant get in contact with your tips or let me know what is driving you crazy. Better yet, join our community on Facebook to ask a question, vent about a difficult situation or share a tip and give back to the group – the best ones will become a guest post if the author wants it to.

All feedback, good and bad, is appreciated. If a public forum isn’t the way you want to get in touch them email me

So, what is your dental pain point? Just solved a recent headache? Like the idea of this blog? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

David is a recent graduate dentist working in private practice in regional NSW, Australia. Read more at

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