As a dentist who see’s any child with a developing dentition, this is a must listen.

Dr Derek Mahony is a specialist Orthodontist with 6 specialist practices in Sydney. Derek is the founder of EODO, with a flagship 3 year comprehensive hands-on orthodontic residency and as an internationally recognised speaker he is well known in the dental community.

Derek’s passion is palpable. He was generous enough to spend two separate evenings with me to record this and we have a monster episode packed with valuable information.

In this episode we cover:

  • Derek‚Äôs university days and how he almost went another direction
  • The Brazilian women who changed his life
  • How he found his way into Orthodontics and in particular with a passion for airway and facial profile orientated Orthodontics.
  • The problem with boring lectures and why he is such a passionate teacher
  • A foray into Stand up comedy
  • How a 60minutes episode changed his life
  • Tips for young dentists around orthodontics, clear aligners and the future of dentistry.
  • A few key book and paper references and,
  • His love of wine

Links from the chat:

The Prime Head Start Segment 4 is right after the feature interview and this episode it’s with Patric Moberger, the general manager for training and development. We all make mistakes and the vast majority of the time we don’t know it. This week, we’re talking about the Three common mistakes dentists unwittingly make.

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