We are very fortunate.

As dental professionals, we are lucky to earn a decent income straight out of university. But does that mean we’re good with money, or necessarily going to become financially independent?

COVID-19 has set many precedents, one that we could not have expected was that we could be restricted in our ability to provide for our patients and consequently stop our income in its tracks. An emergency fund, savings and investments for the future and other simple considerations allowed some to coast through this speed bump, and for others to spin out.

This episode we have the pleasure of speaking with Dev Raga from The Dev Raga – Personal Finance Podcast. Dev (his online alias) is a medical doctor who has a passion for personal finance. He runs a fantastic podcast that I strongly encourage you all to look into and learn from which shares foundational knowledge and principles in all things finance.

Want to learn about shares? Crypto? Superannuation? He has bite sized episodes breaking down all that you need to know to help you make good financial decisions.

OF course, Dev is a Doctor and i’m a dentist, so this certainly isn’t financial advice and we strongly recommend you consult with a professional financial adviser. But the general principles and concepts Dev shares in this podcast is likely to change your life.

In This Episode

03:28 – “…we [dentists] earn quite well relative to the population, does that mean we don’t have to worry about the future?” 

12:47 – What does it mean to live a couple years behind your income?

16:35 – What sparked Dev’s interst in personal finance and how it lead him to starting his own podcast.

26:14 – Dev’s five financial principles.

33:44 – Creating two tiers of Emergency funds and learning what opportunity costs are.

53:19 – How to create positive financial habits and behaviours.

60:42 – Mistakes and tough times Dev has experienced, and advice for young professionals.

1:09:35 – Dev discusses some of his personal investments.


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The Dental Head Start Podcast is for students and new graduates. We interview successful dentists and specialists to uncover the tips, tricks and advice to help you transition from dental school to private practice successfully.

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David is a recent graduate dentist working in private practice in regional NSW, Australia. Read more at www.dentalheadstart.com/meet-david/

2 Thoughts on “#40 – Personal Finance with Dev Raga”

  • Hi David, this is a great podcast and I’m sure many dentists could pick up great tips from it. I’m a dentist in my mid 40’s and wish there was a finance/business component to my uni course. I went through lifestyle creep in my working career, but luckily had gotten back on track. May I suggest you interview/publish some case studies with dentists at different stages of their career and talk about their life/financial planning/investments? While all of us constantly strive for clinical excellence I think it’s time to aim for financial independence as well. Congratulations on a great website and podcast.

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