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One of the things we always try to do with the podcast is to bring on dentists from all different walks of life because there are so many facets to dentistry. But, we don’t know what we don’t know. Most of us go through dental school only ever seeing the clinical side – practicing as a general dentist, specialising, academics & research. But this is really just the tip of the iceberg.

In this month’s feature we are joined by Dr Kinnar Shah. Dr Kinnar is a Dentapreneur – that is, the intersection between dentistry and entrepreneurialism. He is a business and success coach, where he helps dentists and practice owners realise their full potential or as he might say, “Create their destiny by design, not by default.”

In this episode, we talk about what success is and the journey towards it, how books have played a paramount importance in Dr Kinnar’s life and different non-clinical skills that are needed to go far in our careers. We talk about Dentapreneurs which is the group Dr Kinnar created to connect like-minded individuals in the industry, what it means, where it’s headed and how we can all be involved.

In Dr Kinnar’s words, “Be curious.” 

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Dr Kinnar Shah

Being a Certified High Performance Coach, a Number 1 Amazon Best Selling Author, a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach & a NLP business and Leadership Coach, he specializes in working with the innate strengths and talents of the entire Team for the potential of higher success. He has coached and consulted numerous businesses in the last 8 years to implement certain methods and strategies to double or triple the number of daily clients, get more employee engagement, deliver a client experience second to none and ultimately having a better quality of life. 

”Being active in the coaching and dental field, I understand the unique challenges of today’s Dental Practice owners. 

My fresh perspective, innovative methods and system blueprints, will help facilitate your business and success to higher levels. 

There are 2 kinds of “Dentapreneurs” in this world; those who make excuses and those who get results. 

My aim is to help you achieve great results by inspiring you through Mindset, Motivation and Methods.

I will push you to be the best version of yourself and make you wildly more successful than you ever thought possible.”

Asher’s Gift – Humpty Dumpty Foundation Page

For those who have been listening for a while and have followed along with David’s journey, you may be aware of baby Asher’s passing this time last year. To mark his first birthday (today, in fact!) we’re dedicating our August Giving Project to continue supporting the Humpty Dumpty Foundation to support neonatal care services and supply equipment to underfunded hospitals.

To date, the community has raised over $29,000, and on behalf of Dental Head Start, we’ll be donating an additional $1000. If you’d like to contribute in any way, you can visit the donation page in our show notes.

Fly high baby Asher! You are helping make a world of difference.

BOQ Specialist

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BOQ Specialist offer a great banking package for graduates.  This package includes an everyday bank account with no monthly, annual or ongoing account keeping fees, an optional overdraft with no establishment fee and no repayments required until 1 July the year after you graduate, a credit card with no fees for five years and an optional car loan.

Having worked closely with medical professionals for over 30 years, BOQ Specialist understand the unique challenges we can face at the beginning of our careers.

Whether it’s relocation costs, everyday living expenses, buying a new car or even saving for a first home – BOQ Specialist have a range of banking products and services to help. For more information, click here.

RIPE Global

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As a student or new grad, CPD can be expensive. The cost of the course itself, flight tickets, accomodation, and finding time amidst clinic, lectures and exams can be a lot. 

Thankfully, our friends at RIPE global have got you covered. RIPE global offers an education platform with hundreds of hours of lectures, hands-on procedures and recordings of live content from their full day courses – all of which you can access from the comfort of your own home. In a market flooded with online content, RIPE Global sits head and shoulders above the rest. Enjoy some of the most useful yet professionally created online content anywhere in the world.

From now until September 1st, you can use our code HEADSTARTRIPE30 to get 30% off the annual membership AND go in the running to win a spot at RipeGlobal’s Crown Prep Bootcamp where you’ll spend a whole day drilling crown prep exercises until you’re confident! 

Get 30% off the membership for life – use the code “HEADSTARTRIPE30” 

Clinical Aligner Excellence

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Aligners are becoming an integral part of private practice. Whether you are new to aligner therapy or an experienced practitioner, the opportunities are vast. But how do you do it at a high standard, efficiently and profitably?

Dr Geoff Hall and Dr Jesse Green have come together to help with these key problems through Clear Aligner Excellence – their latest education platform.

Visit for more information. You can expect a wealth of knowledge to help improve your practice as well as huge discounts on major aligner therapy companies and lab fees.

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