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At Dental Head Start, our mission is to nurture a platform that stays relevant to the times and for the people whom it serves – students and new graduates like yourselves. It’s our goal to provide our listeners with content that is honest, relatable and digestible to give insight into what real world dentistry really looks like. So who better to hear from than from you guys directly – our listeners who have followed along over the years, and have now been there and done that. 

Joining us in this episode are new graduates Dr Jayarna Hartland, Dr Olan Hartley and Dr Zainab Noor to share their perspectives as a new graduate. From job hunting to work-life balance, managing quiet books to disgruntled patients, we talk about it all. We bring down all the walls and talk about our wins and losses, managing our anxieties and the big plans we have for our futures. So for all the new grads in the exact same boat, join in the conversation! You are not alone.

Dr Olan Hartley

Dr Olan Hartley is a new grad who graduated from Griffith University on the Gold Coast last year (2022) and is currently working at a regional private practice in Launceston, Tasmania. For the last two years she has been working as the Operations Manager for Esesson Foundation, a non-for profit organisation that provides free dental healthcare to underprivileged, refugee and asylum seeker, children in South-East Queensland. In 2022 she joined the ADAQ Volunteering in Dentistry Committee, seeking to provide awareness and access to dental volunteering initiatives to members of our profession. In dental school she received the Australian Society of Endodontology – Queensland Branch – First Place Endodontic Prize (2020). A little fun fact about Olan is that she has African Australian heritage!

Dr Jayarna Hartland

Dr Jayarna Hartland is a new graduate dentist who studied at Griffith University, Queensland. She is now based full-time in a private practice in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast. Jayarna is a Councillor for the Australian Dental Association Queensland (ADAQ) representing the Gold Coast division, and also a member of the ADAQ Recent Graduates and Student Committee. Since graduating, Jayarna has embarked on various CPD events including the ‘Power Up Series’ which is a year long course in Melbourne, the ‘Mini Residency’ run by Australian Dental Graduates as well as a communication course with the General Dental Residency. She has also attended CPD events on restorative work, onlay’s and TMD/bruxism. Outside of dentistry, Jayarna is happiest in the company of her friends and family, keeping active through hot yoga and pilates, being outside in nature and very importantly, eating delicious food! Fun fact: Jayarna’s name is a combination of her parents name, Jaime + Tania. 

Dr Zainab Noor

Originally from the Gold Coast, Dr Zainab has additional experience in rural clinical dentistry in Victoria where she gained extensive knowledge on managing multi-disciplinary patient care and tackling complex treatment plans. As a student, she was an elected member of the national Australian Dental Students’ Association (ADSA) executive committee, South Asian Society executive committee, and the University Academic Board as the nominated undergraduate representative. Currently, Dr Zainab works in private practice at the esteemed clinic ‘2022 Best Places to Work’ Avenue Dental on the Sunshine Coast. Zainab enjoys all aspects of general dentistry, with special interests in cosmetics/aesthetics, family and paediatric dentistry.

AHC Dental Education – What You Should Know Webinar

As a new grad, the mental, the physical, the social and the emotional exhaustion of being on high function and putting your best foot forward for every patient that walks through the door, can take a huge toll. Much like decay left unaddressed, this can continue to fester and is the recipe for anxiety, burnout and depression, signs and symptoms our profession unfortunately knows all too well.

So how can we recognise this, and more importantly, how do we prevent ourselves spiralling down this path? 

Australian Hands On Courses is running a free webinar with Dr Kaejenn Tchia (@thelimitlessdentist) to tackle exactly this. As part of their mission to help graduates accelerate their growth and reach their utmost potential, AHC is running a series of free online webinars and in person seminars on What You Should Know. Overcoming and Preventing Burnout in Dentistry is Module 3 of the series and will be run as a live webinar next Monday 17th April at 7:30pm AEST. Spots are limited so make sure to sign up via the link below and stay in the loop for the ongoing series that is free for all students and graduates.

Dental Protection Limited

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Dental Protection we’re the first to come on board supporting dental students and graduates through the Dental Head Start Podcast and now they’re stepping up again by release the new publication Young Dental Practitioners as well as the Survival guide, their e-Learning platform ‘Prism’ and Sign up for Risk Wise Connect. Find it at the links or on their Facebook Page.


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