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For many of us, perhaps one of the biggest reasons and deciding factors that led us to choose dentistry, was the work-life balance it would afford us. The flexibility in our working hours and a steady income that may one day allow us stability to settle down, work less days and have time to raise a family. But perhaps this is much easier said than done. There’s so much you want to do and learn and achieve, and before you know it, you’re struggling to juggle everything all at once.

In this episode, with Dr Vicky Prokopiou, as someone who has been there and risen above it, we talk all about it – from her early years starting up a practice from scratch, to uprooting and moving to a small rural community of 3000 people 6 hours away from Sydney, and starting a family. We learn about the challenges she faced and overcame that has now bred the enthusiastic and positive mindset she has towards life. We talk about raising a family, about IVF and how to juggle the different hats of being a dentist, businesswoman and a mum. It’s a conversation we don’t talk a lot about, but something very very real. So join us for this episode, and let’s get above it!

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Dr Vicky Prokopiou

Since graduating from dentistry in 2010, Dr Vicky has started up and operated three metro and rural dental practices from scratch. Having experienced burnout due to overworking, she knows just how easy it is to lose sight of work-life balance. She is the founder of Above It, where it is her mission to coach women in dentistry worldwide and share her love, wisdom and experience to get life-changing transformations.

Her passion lies in communication, training, teaching, identifying opportunities, thinking laterally, problem-solving, persistence and leading teams.  She has been featured in Bite Magazine, 9 News, was a NSW Regional Business Awards Finalist for ‘Excellence In Innovation’, Finalist for ‘Outstanding New Business’ in the Inner West Local Business Awards and at the Australian Small Business Champion Awards.

Instagram: @vickythedentist



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