In this episode, Hieu and Christina miraculously got a chance amongst their hectic schedules to catch up and get to know each other a little better. Like dental school, they joined the Dental Head Start team with two feet running so it was fun to chill for a sec and in fact discover that they have quite unique experiences and journeys into dental school so far; they might have also dropped a few study tips in there as well*. They also talk about how they joined the Dental Head Start team and what they hope to achieve as new co-hosts. 

From Hieu and Christina: “We are very privileged to be part of this community and look forward to supporting the Dental Head Start cause. A huge thank you to David and his team for such an amazing opportunity.”

*the flashcard software Christina refers to is called Quizlet

Hieu Dong

Hieu is a final-year dental student at the University of Sydney. Originating from the city of Perth, Hieu’s path in dentistry began with his undergraduate studies at the University of Melbourne, completing a Bachelor of Biomedicine. Now in DMD4, Hieu is on the cusp of transitioning from student life to the professional world of dentistry. He is excited to take on a host role for the Dental Head Start Podcast after working behind the scenes in socials and is keen to dive deep into conversations to not only prepare himself for the challenges ahead but also provide a valuable resource for other dental students.

Christina Potestas

Christina is just starting dental school. After 14 years experience in supportive practice roles, she has decided she now wants to sit in the clinicians chair. This year, she is transitioning her Oral Health study from one great university to another all while preparing to give birth in May. She is excited to remain connected to the dental community and to represent the OHT/Hygiene listeners of the Dental Head Start podcast. She hopes to learn and share lessons that help support OHT students just like her and create effective clinical teams in the practice.

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