Hosted by Dr David Keir

In this episode, David chats with Dr. Namita Gupta about her career journey from dental school to owning multiple dental practices and starting her tech business, Restocq. Namita discusses her early career experiences working in both regional and city practices, which helped her gain a variety of skills. She emphasizes the importance of mentors and continuing education and shares lessons learnt as a practice owner, including the value of setting processes early on and focusing on associates’ education, well-being and job satisfaction. She provides valuable advice for associates and new business owners based on her experiences, encouraging them to dream big and take opportunities that come their way.

Key moments

0:01:59 – Namita’s early career experiences, including graduating at 23 and working short term jobs to gain experience and travel before deciding on their career path.

0:06:36 – How Namita’s upbringing as the child of immigrant parents in Australia shaped their values of hard work, business focus, empathy, and desire to contribute to society.

0:11:48 – The source of Namita’s passion and drive, which they attribute to high expectations from their parents to constantly succeed and prove themselves.

0:23:05 – How Namita chose dentistry over medicine based on advice from their parents about its artistic/creative aspects and better fit for eventually starting a family.

0:31:28 – Lessons Namita learned from working in multiple dental practices in both regional and city areas, including exposure to diverse treatment options and approaches to patients.

0:44:22 – The importance of having financial conversations with associates, focusing on the dental team, and supporting dentists’ continued education and well-being.

0:53:08 – Namita’s experience deviating from dentistry to start a tech startup, and lessons taken back to improve their dental practice organization and growth.

Namita Gupta

Dr Namita Gupta is an Implant and Cosmetic surgeon, educator, and visionary entrepreneur, with over 21 years of dental industry experience. As the Co-founder of Restocq and multiple greenfield dental practices, Dr. Gupta blends her passion for dentistry with a keen entrepreneurial spirit. Her mission is to combine passion with purpose, empowering dentists and their teams to operate at their full potential.

Restocq was created by Namita and her dentist husband Stephan to eliminate the complexity and high costs associated with ordering  dental supplies. Their vision is simple- to empower dentists to utilise digital technology and AI to ensure they never run out of stock, stick to budget and reduce the headaches and manual processes of stock control and ordering.

Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Dr. Gupta actively contributes to dental education, holding roles as an examiner, lecturer, and planning committee member for the Graduate Diploma in Implant Dentistry at the University of Sydney, and as an examiner, lecturer, and clinical supervisor at The Implant Institute in Perth, WA.


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