When I first picked up a handpiece it was a scary sight. I’d spent 10 or so years watching dentists prep thinking nothing of it. Robotic, simple and quick.

Then, there I am, sitting in Sim Clinic looking at a margin that goes up and down like the Himalayas wondering if Dentistry is for me.

I’ve come a long way, and although my preps no longer look like a mountain range, I’m no Tony Rotondo.

I’m improving so there’s hope for all of us!

The ML has a slight bump. Taking photos helps as does digital images – with Cerec I get immediate feedback and can adjust this on the spot on the fly.

For me, the significant improvements came with getting used to the equipment (I now use a redband for most of my work) and in positioning and finger support.

Finger support

The most important factor in smooth, controlled, safe preparation of a tooth is finger support. Oral surgery, Periodontics and Prosthodontics all had their own method. The bottom line is you need one finger resting on a hard surface to stabilise your hand.

But that isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

Finger rest when there is no finger rest

A crown margin on the buccal of quadrant 1 has been a challenge in the past. For lefties this would be the buccal of quadrant 2. Everyone seems to have their own way in this situation.

I place an extraoral or gingival finger rest then use a finger from my other hand to support the head of the hand piece. I find this to help in the anterior as well.

Using the opposite hand to support the head of the drill i can comfortably get a smooth margin. Often the right ring finger sits directly on my left pointer finger too.

At a recent course a few notable specialists were saying they do this for anterior preparations routinely.

Learning your equipment

If you’re a dental student and a little worried about smooth margins and controlled preps I want to give some words of support. It takes time but even those without the steadiest hands can do excellent preps. I certainly do not have the steadiest hands around however I’m quite confident I provide sound dentistry. What matters is choosing the right equipment and getting used to the tactile feedback.

I find I can prep much more refined margins with a redband hand piece. I also use a red band diamond for the margin finishing and although not routinely, I may lower the RPMs to perfect an area.

Rest assured, with good (finger) support and some repetition creating ideal margins will be no problem at all.

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