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7 Dentistry Metaphors for Patient Communication
7 Dentistry Metaphors for Patient Communication
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You can't google the path to dental success, but you can learn from those already there! Interviews with great dentists to get the story behind their struggles, successes and advice.
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Mentoring is crucial yet hard to find. Dental head start has been created to help dental students transition into and out of university and launch them into a successful career. Dental Head Start is a bank of resources aimed at early career dental professionals and staff to help them improve their dentistry, lower their stress and increase the enjoyment of providing excellent dental care.

Our Latest Tips

TIP #49: Social Media Tips for Dentists with Dr Geeta Perks

More and more dentists are on social media but as digital marketing expert and dentist Dr Geeta Perks says, “social media is a noisy space”, especially post- COVID. How do we stand out from the rest? Geeta shares with us her top 3 tips for social media and covers the following: - Using social media as a form of indirect marketing - Identifying your target audience and choosing the right platform - Social media content strategy through personalisation and consistent posting - Delegating to the right person or team to manage social media marketing

#60 – Multiple Practice Ownership & Raising a Family with Dr Ayesha Aijaz

Building a practice is an immense challenge. Building multiple practices is exponentially harder. Building multiple practices while raising a young family is superhuman. Yet there are breakthrough individuals out there who have achieved this. Dr Ayesha Aijaz is one of those and she has done so while also scaling back her clinical time and creating balance in her life. Many of us either have or plan to have a family. How do you balance the time and make sure you're not letting either ball drop? Dr Ayesha Aijaz gives us her insights for both owners and associates which I think you'll all learn something from.

TIP #48: Digital Dentistry – Where to Start? with Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny

We live in a digital world, we communicate online, kids can use computers better than most adults and I don't think I've used physical money in about a year. So, where do you think dentistry is going? I tend to agree with Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny - it's going digital and the time is now. But where and how do you start? What if you're an associate? Dr Ahmad is from the Institute of Digital Dentistry and he lives and breathes this frontier of Dentistry. If you're in NZ, you can go to Wellington and do his live course. If not, his online academy will kick start your digital dentistry career. It's not just pros and aligners, Digital Dentistry is the cutting edge of almost all facets of dentistry.