“Oral diseases affect half of the world’s population. And the majority of low and middle income countries do not have the capacity to handle the demand”

World Health Organisation

We have a unique skill. Something that the majority of people in developing countries do not have access to. For those without access this results in pain, systemic illnesses, a loss of confidence and in the most severe, can threaten life.

Giving our time can have an enormous impact. Whether it’s here in Australia or overseas, there are millions who could benefit from your skills.

Dr Jelena Skovrlj is a recent graduate doing just that. Jelena has been giving her skills since well before graduation and consistently returns to a small village in the Philippines to help those most in need.

In this epsiode we learn about Jelena, how she found herself doing this and the stories of her experiences. She shares the challange of being a student volunteering, the experience itself and what to expect.

My favourite is a story about a family with very little, still spending the time to give back and say thank you. It’s inspiring.

In this epsisode:

  • 1:30 – Jelena’s most memorable volunteering experience
  • 3:30 – Jelena’s childhood and story of immigrating to Australia
  • 14:11 – Jelena’s first dental volunteering experience
  • 19:30 – Long-term sustainability of overseas programs
  • 27:59 – Costs of volunteering
  • 20:58 – Challenges when volunteering
  • 42:59 – How to Donate
  • 46:42 – Oversight/support as a student on overseas trips
  • 48:29 – Student experiences on trips
  • 52:32 – @humansofcalauan
  • 57:00 – Common Mistakes Students make

Links From This Episode

  • @Humansofcalauan – Jelena’s Instagram of the people from the town Calauan and some beautiful smiles.
  • @Teamphilippinesproject – Team Philippines is the volunteer group Jelena is involved with.
  • Reach out if you want to be a part of this awesome project to Dr Kristie-Lee Anning. teamphilippinesdental@gmail.com They would warmly welcome donations of
    • Equipment and materials
    • Money or
    • Time – volunteers like you.
  • Check out their website http://www.teamphilippines.org/about.html

If this has touched you, I encourage you to donate now.

Prime Head Start – proudly brought to you by Prime Practice

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Prime Head Start, proudly brought to your by Prime Practice. Bite sized anecdotes they didn’t teach you in dental school.

I think it goes without saying, we should practice ethical dentistry. It’s the way we think about this and having boundaries we’re comfortable which help us sleep at night. This framework is crucial.

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Aesthetic Dental Academy

Aesthetic Dental Academy is a new Continuing education provider who wants to help you take your first steps into the implant world.  

They have released their course Basic Implant Restorations with Dr Dean Licenblat, an international educator and leader in implants, guiding you to understand implant restorations and giving you the confidence to plan and restore simple situations for your patients.

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The 4Sight Dental Journal!

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4Sight Dental is made to help dental students become great dentists. The first way we’re going to do this is throught The 4Sight Dental Journal, a journal to help you get clarity, focus and perspective on your dental career.

Also check out the 4Sight Dental Graduate Webinar.  This is a 2hour webinar with Dr Omid Azami, Dr Jesse Green and Dr David Keir. The webinar focuses on getting a job, excelling in your first job and making the most out of mentorship. This is a must for new graduates.

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Reserve Your Journal Now!

The Dental Head Start Podcast is for students and new graduates. We interview successful dentists and specialists to uncover the tips, tricks and advice to help you transition from dental school to private practice successfully.

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For every share and tag on social media, we provide dental hygiene to a child for a day. For every listen to the podcast, we provide drinking water to someone for a day. Find out more at www.dentalheadstart.com/giving

David is a recent graduate dentist working in private practice in regional NSW, Australia. Read more at www.dentalheadstart.com/meet-david/

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