In recent times more successful dentists are standing up and sharing stories of challenge, not just their successes. Whether it’s a failed case and a life story that they have got through, it really has helped many thousands of us dentists realise these great dentists have challenges too, just like us. 

Dr Matthew Youssef has achieved a lot in his relatively short career. Matt has extensively trained in implants and surgery and has gone on to create ARIA Dental Education, a training academy where I met Matt. They provide entry level hands on implant training with support from some of the best Australian specialists. 

Yet the real value here is in Matt’s story and achievement, even in the face of adversity.

I hope this inspires you as much as it inspired me. Enjoy. 

In This Episode

  • 6:19 – How associates can adapt to the changing dental landscape 
  • 8:13 – Matthew’s background, his journey through dental school and how he developed his passion for dentistry
  • 20:04 – Battling anxiety and all other things that life throws at you
  • 25:11 – Matthew’s first job
  • 35:58 – Matt left his first job and started at another practice where his implant journey began
  • 42:42 – The vision of ARIA and what it intends to provide to clincians 
  • 50:37 – Matt’s experiences doing volunteer work in Vanuatu, why he founded the Australian Christian dental aid, and his vision for it 
  • 59:24 – Advice for students and new grads on how to get into implants, seeking mentors, and how to get the most out of your advice


ARIA – Australasian Restorative and Implant Academy

ACDA – Australian Christian Dental Aid

Prime Head Start

The Prime Head Start Segment is right after the feature interview and this episode it’s with Meg Sharpe, the compliance expert with Prime Practice.

While it has always been a crucial part of our practice, perhaps no more than even, infection prevention and systems are front of mind. The responsibility falls to us with this and Meg shares 3 common mistakes dental practices make.

The Prime Vision Conference

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RIPE Academy

In this exceptionally difficult time for our profession, we need to look at the silver lining. With time, we can work on ourselves and work on our dentistry. And what better way then the RIPE Academy by Restoring Excellence.

In an attempt to make it affordable for all around the world, it is just $29USD per month for some of the most valuable online content anywhere in the world.

My crown prep workflow is modelled on Lincoln’s video from the academy 3 years ago!

I hope to share the benefits and exclusive offers through DHS. Check out their Online Academy!

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The Dental Head Start Podcast is for students and new graduates. We interview successful dentists and specialists to uncover the tips, tricks and advice to help you transition from dental school to private practice successfully.

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David is a recent graduate dentist working in private practice in regional NSW, Australia. Read more at

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