Meet David

Hey! I’m a recent graduate from Sydney University striving to provide the best dentistry i can. Just like everyone else.  

After spending my teenage years stuffing around I was a pretty average student without direction. A visit to my local dentist and a few fillings later it led me to work experience and later a part time position as a dental assistant.

I learnt a lot in this position and after a short foray into a Bachelor of Mining Engineering I quickly realised I enjoyed my job more than university. Engineering turned into a Medical Science degree.

Finishing that i needed two years of travel to re-calibrate and I returned with a fire in my belly and a fear of failure to do the best I could in Dentistry.

Sitting in an auditorium, 90 or so new clueless dental students were welcomed by a senior Lecturer. She started her welcome with a metaphor

“If your undergraduate was a school running race, then this is the Olympics!”

That stuck with me. I was scared!

Why Dental Head Start?

I felt almost like I cheated. I knew the basic knowledge and a few tricks before starting. I had an unfair advantage, a head start in dentistry that allowed me an easier ride. Sure I worked my ass off but I genuinely feel I started ahead.

With my head start I was able to focus in university. I managed a few accolades:

A foundational knowledge in dentistry, an understanding of what i was getting into and a drive to achieve this allowed me to succeed. That is what i want to pass on to those planning to enrol in dental school, currently in dental school or recently graduated.

Yet clearly graduation is just the beginning. Dental Head Start Tips blog is a list of helpful hints however it is also our current learning journey. We certainly do not know it all. And like you, we’re looking for ways to improve each day.