Hey there! Also a recent grad from Sydney Uni, I’m just into my second year out and working hard to improve my dentistry each day.

When I was a kid, looking into mouths all day was definitely not on my to-do list! I have a vivid memory of sitting in my Dentist’s waiting room, ready to have my first filling, sitting and thinking “What sort of horrible person would ever want to do this to other people?!?!”… Well hey, I guess I would!

It wasn’t until I got braces and started taking pride in my teeth, that I realized Dentistry can really change peoples lives. My orthodontist and my dentist (Who’d done that first filling!) encouraged and mentored me, enlightening me to the wonderful world of teeth.

After completing a degree in Diagnostic Radiography and working full time for a year, I only became more sure of wanting to work towards a career in Dentistry, so I made it happen!