Welcome to the Mental Wellbeing Series by Dental Head Start. Join us across a limited series of episodes as we delve into the world of mental health and explore strategies and tips to improve our overall well-being. 

Hosted by Dr Kaejenn Tchia

In today’s episode I have a fireside chat with 2 dental school colleagues of mine whom we all share one common trait that is often not talked about enough in dentistry – being left handed. This episode is a shout out to all the left handed dentists and students (lefties) that are out there and we hope through our discussion of our own dental journeys so far you will not only feel seen, heard and understood, but also feel reassured and inspired that being a lefty does not limit your future success in a dental career.


Dr Vishi Phoeung

Dr Vishi is a dentist based in Melbourne, Victoria. He divides his clinical time focusing on comprehensive general dentistry, aesthetics and reconstructive dentistry. This is his fifth year as a clinician. Through clinical practice at University, Dr Vishi trained 100% as a left-handed dentist but self-trained to be right-handed. At the present, he practices as a truly ambidextrous in all areas of dentistry.

Instagram: @bydrvishi 

Dr Owen Johnston

Dr Owen is a dentist and practice owner based in Devonport, Tasmania. He has previously spent time working in Bundaberg, Cairns, Thursday Island and has undertaken outreach work in the Solomon Islands, which was an incredible experience and something he hopes to do again in the future. When not at work, Dr. Owen enjoys spending time with his little girl Pia and wife Nicole,mountain biking, bush walking, catching up with friends over a Tassie craft beer and walking his weimaraner Mo.

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