Do yourself a favour and check out the Noobie Dentist Podcast. Dr Omid Azami, a recent graduate from Melbourne has started this podcast to get the story behind, and advice from, some of the leading young dentists around the world.

Omid’s podcast was also one that inspired me to start the Dental Head Start Podcast and for that I am grateful!

This was a really fun chat getting his story and insights from this that will certainly help guide students and grads.

What we covered with Omid:

  • School years in Canada,
  • Passion for soccer,
  • Last minute decision to enter dentistry
  • How he got into Instagram and Podcasting
  • His experience in private practice as a graduate and mistakes he made early on
  • The various workplaces he has been in
  • Advice for finding work and choosing a job
  • Burnout and work life balance

Instagram: @noobiedentist


David is a recent graduate dentist working in private practice in regional NSW, Australia. Read more at

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