TIP #101 – Time Management with Dr Phillip Nguyen

It’s something you never have enough of and yet it creeps up on you insidiously and slips between your fingers before you can get a hold of it. Ah, time… you sneaky little thing.

In today’s episode, we are joined by Dr Phillip Nguyen who’s a new grad and was in my shoes not too long ago. We talk about his experience in his first year out – the transition from uni clinics into private practice and the little tips he has on how we can be more efficient with our time. Regardless of whether you’re a new grad or an experienced dentist, we are always looking for ways to better manage your time, and so I hope you gain a tip or two from this episode!

#10 – Dr Stephen Dudgeon is Positively Transforming Dentistry

Mentorship is the holy grail of your initial years after graduation. But it is hard to come by and cannot be expected in your job.

Dr Stephen Dudgeon and Dr Eli Burger saw this struggle and decided to help change it. In 2014 they introduced the Australian Dental Graduate of the Year Award and subsequently provided the Australian Dental Mini Residency to the runners up and winner of this award.

From first hand experience I know this is an excellent foundation for those lucky enough to be able to attend the course.

The planned chat with Stephen and Eli will have to wait, Eli was unwell however we were lucky enough to spend an hour with Stephen.