FEATURE #86 – CEREC To Success & The Patient Experience with Dr Lingaiah Dronavalli

As a new grad, it’s almost the norm rather than the exception nowadays to have at least some form of digital dentistry within one’s practice. But it wasn’t always this way, and for many more seasoned dentists, the world of digital dentistry was something they had to slowly piece together over the years and learn to leverage.

In this months’ feature, we explore Dr Lingaiah Dronavalli’s journey in dentistry from his early years as a new grad with huge expectations but without the tools, resources and mindset to grow and how that overall affected his feeling of fulfillment, to where he is today – a self proclaimed dental peacock who takes pride in his work!

We talk about Dr Lingaiah’s discovery of digital dentistry and CEREC specifically, and how that’s not only shaped his growth as a clinician, but also how it’s taught him to leverage technology to maximise efficiencies and workflows within his practice and ultimately optimise the entire patient experience. We explore the concept of practice ownership and associateship and the importance of building mutually supportive environments within the practice.

TIP #50 – Beyond Scanning in Digital Dentistry with Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny

You’ve got a scanner, you’re comfortable doing single unit crown and bridge. What’s next? If you’re like me, you’ve got itchy feet and want to learn more about what digital dentistry has to offer.

Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny walks us down the path of what else you can do in digital dentistry and what other steps to take. We discuss the future of digital dentistry and some of the costs and limitations of what is out there.

If you really want to get a handle on this space, hop over to https://instituteofdigitaldentistry.com/ to continue your journey.

TIP #48: Digital Dentistry – Where to Start? with Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny

We live in a digital world, we communicate online, kids can use computers better than most adults and I don’t think I’ve used physical money in about a year. So, where do you think dentistry is going? I tend to agree with Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny – it’s going digital and the time is now.

But where and how do you start? What if you’re an associate? Dr Ahmad is from the Institute of Digital Dentistry and he lives and breathes this frontier of Dentistry. If you’re in NZ, you can go to Wellington and do his live course. If not, his online academy will kick start your digital dentistry career. It’s not just pros and aligners, Digital Dentistry is the cutting edge of almost all facets of dentistry.

#39 – Szabolcs Hant Teaches us the Symbiosis of a Dentist and Technician

Dentistry is a beautiful intersection between healthcare, engineering and art. And the art of dentistry is on show more than ever with social media and the focus on visual content.

However much like the popstar has a genius songwriter supporting them, the aesthetic dentist has a master ceramist creating the impeccable outcomes we see all over social media.

Szabi Hant is a master dental technician who works with and supports some of the biggest names in dentistry. His work is some of the best and it is often the seemless natural outcomes he produces that leaves us in disbelief.

So naturally, it was our pleasure to invite him onto the podcast and find out about his journey, his work and his advice on photography, shade selection and preparation.

And if you want to get Szabi’s Photography Cheat Sheet, go to www.cpdjunkie.com.au/photography and get the free pdf.

#37 – Digital Dentistry with Dr Chee Chang

In recent times more successful dentists are standing up and sharing stories of challenge, not just their successes. Whether it’s a failed case and a life story that they have got through, it really has helped many thousands of us dentists realise these great dentists have challanges too, just like us.

Dr Matthew Youssef has achieved a lot in his relatively short career. Matt has extensively trained in implants and surgery and has gone on to create ARIA Dental Education, a training academy where I met Matt. They provide entry level hands on implant training with support from some of the best Australian specialists. 

Yet the real value here is in Matts story and achievement, even in the face of adversity.

I hope this inspires you as much as it inspired me. Enjoy.