FEATURE #73 – Marathoning Dentistry, Endodontic Training & PhDs with Dr Aovana Timmerman

If there’s one thing I took away from this episode with Dr Aovana Timmerman, it is that dentistry is a marathon not a sprint. It takes discipline, persistence and a consistent pace to maintain motivation and prevent burnout.

In this episode, we talk to Dr Aovana about what it is that drives her passion for continuous learning and growth in dentistry, and the parallels our profession has with physical activity. We reflect on her journey as a general dentist for 10 years, before undergoing endodontic specialist training, research and why she’s now chosen to undertake a PhD.

Dr Aovana is a fantastic role model and really instills confidence in young dentists that there is so much potential for us to do great things – we just have to chase it!

TIP #77 – Finding that Missing Canal with Dr Mehdi Rahimi

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing you’re missing something and not being able to find it, and in the world of Endodontics, it is no different when it comes to hunting down that elusive missing canal.

In this episode, Dr Mehdi Rahimi shares his tips, tricks and tools to locating these canals from rubber dam placement to the specific burs he uses and CBCT assessments.

TIP #73 – I Fractured a File – Now What? with Dr Mehdi Rahimi

Fractured instruments, perforations, hypochlorite accidents – you name it, it seems as though there are so many things that can ‘go wrong’ when we’re working on microscopic canals. It’s a daunting situation to be in, but it’s an inevitable part of practicing endodontics that happens to even the very best of dentists.

In this episode, Dr Mehdi Rahimi talks us through a mindset shift on how we should view these misadventures. In particular, we focus on fractured files and his top tips on the pre-emptive conversations we ought to have with patients, and how to go about managing them in case it does occur.

TIP #71 – Taming the Hot Pulp with Dr Mehdi Rahimi

Nobody likes to be in pain, and as dentists, we have patients walking through the door in pain everyday. And it’s our job to help them out. However, every so often, we encounter the Angry Hot Pulp, which just won’t settle no matter what we do to try anaesthetise it.

We are so fortunate to be have Dr Mehdi Rahimi – a specialist Endodontist, Adjunct Associate Professor and president of the Australian Society of Endodontology (NSW Branch) – join us over a three part series, to talk through all the common endo problems we might encounter and how to manage them. In this episode, he talks us through what exactly causes a hot pulp and the protocol he’s developed to manage it.

TIP#17: Endodontic Treatment Planning with Dr Omar Ikram – What I Wish I Knew

Imagine the beautiful new deck you just added to your house. Freshly oiled, beautiful view, the perfect place to relax. Yet at the same time your bedroom and bathroom are falling in.

Starting RCT or sending a patient to an Endodontist without properly assessing their mouth and treatment planning both the micro factors of this tooth and the macro factors of their mouth is the equivalent mistake.

Today Dr Ikram shares his thoughts on this absolutely critical step in all aspects of dentistry.

I know I learnt a lot in my chat with Omar, and really hope you do too. Let us know what you think about the new podcast!

TIP#8: Managing Endodontic Instrument Fracture with Dr Omar Ikram – What I Wish I Knew

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TIP#2: Finding Calcified Canals with Dr Omar Ikram – What I Wish I Knew

You’re emergency slot fills with a patient in pain. You find a tooth with irreversible pulpitis and need to extipate to get the patient out of pain. Yet on the PA, the canal is almost unrecognisable!

This episode Dr Omar Ikram leads us on a discussion about finding these elusive canals and shares a few tips and techniques that will help you locate, navgvate and extirpate!