#30 – Brett Churnin’s Lessons From Decades of Coaching Dentists

All of the top level athletes have coaches. Many have multiple. But when it comes to our careers, our business and our lives we tend to take it all on ourselves without asking for the help we need.

If we really think about this, it doesn’t make sense. And talking with Brett Churnin really hits home for me in this episode.

Brett has been coaching dentists with Prime Practice for over 17 years. His passion and effectiveness in what he does really shows through in this discussion. We even get into the weeds with something I’ve been wanting to change for a while, incidentally highlighting the accountability factor a good coach can provide.

#29 – Dr Dan Maryanovsky Wants to Change Dental CPD

CPD is exciting and motivating. Yet often we leave on a high and find ourselves a few days later doing the same dentistry having gained little for the thousands spent.

Dan is on a mission to make dentistry CPD more accessible and supportive for young dentists. And with a mission like that, he is certainly a friend of the Dental Head Start Podcast!

And as a graduate he is producing some fantastic dentistry. Check his work and tips out @dentist.dan on Instagram.

#13 – Dr Andrew Thorpe on Implants and His Path to Post Graduate Study

If you are a part of the Facebook Group DPR then you know Dr Andrew Thorpe. A generous contributor to questions simple and complex as well as someone who shares work that allows us less experienced dentists and students aspire.

Continuing this sharing of knowledge, Andrew went into implant education early on in his journey and has a particular interest in implant complications. Sharing his experiences with you so you don’t have to experience it yourself. Andrew is still actively learning himself having completed a Grad Dip in Oral Implants and now Grad Dip in Surgical Dentistry.