#27 – Dr Dean Licenblat’s Path to Implants and Bone Grafting

From a simple tooth replacement to a full arch, implants can give a patient back their smile, their function and their confidence. An integral part of today’s options for the missing tooth, implants and bone grafting are important to understand and offer. Yet at university, we generally get just an introduction to this critical dental field.

So, many of us embark on significant education to learn more and provide more in this field. There are plenty of paths to implant competence however the options can be overwhelming and it is easy to spend a significant amount of money without the results you desire.

Dr Dean Licenblat shares his path to implant success and what he recommends to young dentists who want to add implants to their repertoire. After being exposed to implants earlier than most, Dean recognised this is something he could passionately pursue and proceeded to expand his knowledge both here and overseas. This led him to a Master’s Degree from the Goethe University in Frankfurt with a focus on Oral Implantology and Bone Grafting. He now teaches internationally, mentors for the masters program and focuses his own private practice to implants.