#29 – Dr Dan Maryanovsky Wants to Change Dental CPD

CPD is exciting and motivating. Yet often we leave on a high and find ourselves a few days later doing the same dentistry having gained little for the thousands spent.

Dan is on a mission to make dentistry CPD more accessible and supportive for young dentists. And with a mission like that, he is certainly a friend of the Dental Head Start Podcast!

And as a graduate he is producing some fantastic dentistry. Check his work and tips out @dentist.dan on Instagram.

#11 – Dr Yo-Han Choi on Instagram and the pursuit of Clinical Excellence

One of the key goals for the Dental Head Start Podcast is to delve into the pathway and ups and downs of the journey a great clinician took to achieve what they have. It’s even more interesting when they’re rapidly achieving at a young age. Dr Yo-Han Choi is the epitome of this kind of clinician.

I would be surprised if you didn’t know his work on Instagram @dr.yohanchoi where he showcases extremely well executed cases. Better yet, often there’s the steps of how it was achieved which is so valuable. If you haven’t, check out his work now!

Not only is he putting up cases worthy of the best, he’s a multiple practice owner, teaches a hands on composite course and is part way through a MClinDent in Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics. I honestly don’t know where he finds the time.

In this episode we cover a ton, including: