TIP #95 – Who Needs Insurance? with Bhupesh Kaphle

I’m young, fit and healthy…do I really need health insurance? Can’t I cheap out and just not buy travel insurance? What exactly is professional indemnity?

Just like tax, there’s a lot of different types of insurance. And when we haven’t directly experienced a sticky situation, it’s often hard to see the value of it or understand what they entail.

In this episode, Bhupesh Kaphle talks us through the basics of insurance and why it’s important. At the end of the day, you’d rather have your back covered, than to have regrets when things don’t go to plan.

#8 – Insurance; Protect your Achievements with Mark Rothnie.

Can you imagine, working as hard as you have to get where you are and then one day you find yourself unable to work.

Income stops. Your life work is paused.

But your debts and dependents remain. This would be a harrowing situation that none of us ever want to experience. Thankfully we can protect ourselves and our families from this.

But when and what kind of insurance should you get? What are the clauses that can catch dentists? How much does all this cost and can it be in within super?

It might not be the most glamorous topic but it might just be the most important, particularly if you’re the unlucky one.

This episode we welcome Mark Rothnie. Mark is the manager and director of Rothnie Financial Services and for 17 years has worked closely with the medical field as a risk insurance specialist.